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Clean Juice Celebrates 200 Store Milestones in Less than 7 Years

Clean Juice®, the only national USDA-certified organic juice bars franchise and quick-service restaurant, is proud to announce that it has signed its 200 unit. This was in just seven years of franchising. The Shango family was given the honor of opening the 200th store in the brand’s history, with the first being in Grand Blanc, MI.

Matthew Shango, a family spokesperson said that Clean Juice’s decision to invest was easy after tasting the brand and trying the food. Our family knew that Michiganians are health-conscious and seek out healthy eating options. Clean Juice was welcomed by them with open arms because of its reputation for serving clean, organic food. We wanted healthier, fast-casual options. It is clear that there are many people in the country who want it. We were also drawn to the brand’s Christian faith and the way it is incorporated into its core values. This was a big draw for our family, who came from Iraq many years ago. This was very important to me personally and my family.”

Clean Juice Celebrates 200 Store Milestones in Less than 7 Years

Shango, along with his family, owns other retail businesses as well as commercial real estate. He said that when deciding which brand to invest in, it came down to Clean Juice using only USDA-certified organic ingredients. “Other concepts that promote healthy food options, but aren’t very healthy, and certainly not all organic,” he stated.

The Rising Star of Quick Service Restaurants

This record-setting achievement comes after a strong first quarter that saw 14 new stores opened and the brand expanding its national reach into New Hampshire and Utah, its 31st and 30th states. The popular franchise has seen its growth attributed to the emphasis on personal customer service. They offer a variety of superfood-ingredient smoothies and wraps as well as salads and acai bowls. Clean Juice’s success has been capped off by a dedication to educating the public about the health benefits of organic food, highlighted by Tim Tebow, the brand’s first national ambassador.

Clean Juice Celebrates 200 Store Milestones in Less than 7 Years

Landon Eckles, Clean Juice’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “This is a historic milestone for us. And we couldn’t be more proud.” “But we are not stopping. We’re just starting.” Clean Juice is a family founded on strong faith and a passion-driven vision. Its Franchise Partners, as well as its Home Office support staff of over 30, have grown to become a network of dedicated professionals. We are humbled to offer our guests healthy, organic, and clean food options and beverages that are often hard to find. As we welcome the Shango family to our home and celebrate our 200 stores, our core values shine brighter than ever.

The brand’s 2021 financial report showed continued growth and exceeded expectations in all key performance indicators such as same-store sales and guest count. The company’s fourth quarter of 2021 was its most successful ever, with a cumulative increase in SSS of more than 20% and SSGC growth that was 23%. Clean Juice saw a 41% increase in SSS for the entire year 2021. Clean Juice served over 3.3 million guests and had an overall growth rate of 16%.

Clean Juice Celebrates 200 Store Milestones in Less than 7 Years

We are committed to our mission of serving the highest quality, organic food and beverages available in the market. Our guests love it. Eckles stated that we aim to continue growing and strengthening our brand. This starts with serving thousands of people each day, as we march confidently towards our 500 stores.

Clean Juice‘s rapid growth wasn’t affected by the pandemic. The brand has grown strongly in the new year and is now strategically positioned to grow from quarter-to-quarter, day-to-day with marquis success stories and praises. Clean Juice also shares news about the brand’s 200th store.

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