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Nutritionist Marisa Moore Celebrates Honey as a Natural Ingredient

The National Honey Board announces a partnership with Marisa Moore, Registered Dietician Nutritionist. This is in celebration of World Bee Day. Moore and the National Honey Board have teamed up to share easy ways to include wholesome honey in your daily life, while also celebrating the hardworking honeybee.

Nutritionist Marisa Moore Celebrates Honey as a Natural Ingredient

Honey bees are essential to our food supply as they pollinate more than 90 fruits, vegetables and other foods. You can also support beekeepers by buying honey. This in turn helps our ecosystem.

Moore’s holistic approach to well-being is focused on balance and including more fruits and veggies into one’s daily diet without being restrictive. She will share some of her tips and recipes with the National Honey Board. These include raspberries, plums and apples.

Nutritionist Marisa Moore Celebrates Honey as a Natural Ingredient

Moore says that honey is a great addition to teas, yogurts, and toasts. This is why Moore recommends honey to clients who are looking for natural products they can feel good about eating. It’s comforting knowing that honey is also good for the bees and their hives, as well as the beekeepers who promote bee health.

Moore can also count on honey to be 100% natural. Honey is the only sweetener that can be made from honey. Others are created with extreme heat, chemical additives and ingredient manipulation.

Nutritionist Marisa Moore Celebrates Honey as a Natural Ingredient

Moore recognizes that every person’s life is unique. So, she shares some of her simple planet-friendly tips as we celebrate World Bee Day.

  1. Growing up in rural South Carolina, I was always surrounded by fresh produce. I believe that it is important to eat what you love, such as peaches, berries, and even cauliflower. They are delicious and are among the 90 vegetables and fruits pollinated by honey bees. Fun fact: Produce plays an important role in increasing the diversity of your microbiome and affecting your overall well-being.
  2. Do you want to give a recipe a new taste? Honey can sweeten while increasing natural flavor. It can enhance a wide range of foods and flavor categories, including sweet, bitter, salty and savory. Honey is a great way to make bitter leafy veggies like broccoli rabe more appealing. It makes a side dish more balanced, and more enjoyable.
  3. Over 3,000 honey varieties are available worldwide. Each honey variety has a distinct color, flavor, or aroma depending on where it was grown. Wildflower honey might be used as a quick, easy way to boost yogurt, toast, and oats. Buckwheat honey can add rich flavor and depth to honey-glazed salmon. You can pair exotic flavors such as lavender honey with hard cheddar cheese, or vanilla ice cream.

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