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Boochcraft is the first hard-kombucha company to be awarded the coveted B-Corp Certification

Boochcraft, an organic, plant-based hard kombucha brand, has been officially designated a Certified Benefit Corporation. This label is only given to companies that have voluntarily met the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Boochcraft, the first hard-kombucha company to attain B-Corp status, will now join over 4,000 certified B corporations from more than 70 countries across 150 industries in an effort to create a more inclusive and sustainable world economy.

Boochcraft has had a core value since its inception, in 2016, to create a business that makes a difference. Adam Hiner, the co-founder of Boochcraft, says that the company has been selling hard kombucha for six years and more than eight years since our original idea to start Boochcraft. He continued, “Major things have changed since those early days but one thing remains the same: our commitment to doing more for the planet, giving back to the community, and doing business in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

Boochcraft is the first hard-kombucha company to be awarded the coveted B-Corp Certification

Boochcraft’s B-Corp Certification was the next step in their quest to achieve the ultimate goal of balancing profit and purpose through action. The following are key milestones that lead to Boochcraft’s B-Corp Certification:

  • Boochcraft uses 100% of its fruit scraps to compost, which produces over 1,000,000 pounds of compost each year. Any fruit left behind is donated to the food insecure.
  • Boochcraft uses a water-recapture loop to save 1,116 gallons per day.
  • Boochcraft tracks and compensates all emissions of scope 1 and 2 and has officially declared the Boochcraft manufacturing plant to be a net zero-emissions facility.
  • Boochcraft has implemented an environmental management system with the goal to continue to reduce waste streams.
  • Boochcraft has created a positive, healthy, and financially supportive work environment by promising to pay all employees 25% more than the minimum wage. It also launched its 401(k with matching plans, added eight days of paid sick/holiday and launched its employee engagement survey. This tied executive goals to improving the overall score.
Boochcraft is the first hard-kombucha company to be awarded the coveted B-Corp Certification

B Lab, the non-profit behind B Corporations, says that the growing movement aims to create a world in which business is a force of good and plays an important role in positively impacting the global economy and making it more equitable, inclusive, and regenerative.

Boochcraft aims to create a culture that values the balance between people, the planet, and profit. This will help in creating ripple effects that will lead to even more positive change. Being a B-Corp means that you will live by what you preach and be accountable to your business every day.

Hiner stated that Boochcraft wants to “continue improving [our efforts] in creating more harmony among people, planet, and profit.” We view impact as an ongoing effort. Every time we look at a stone, we find something that we can improve on. It leads us to another stone. Boochcraft’s value of “Do Better” holds us accountable for making better hard kombucha every year. It’s a value that motivates us to improve our impact each year.

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