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Forager Project®Launches a New Organic Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt Range

Forager Project ® is an organic, plant-based, and family-owned creamery that crafts dairy-free foods that are delicious and kind to the environment. Today, they launched a new Organic Kids Cashewmilk yogurt. Each yogurt pouch contains probiotics, calcium, and essential vitamins A, and B12, making it a healthy snack that is 100% vegan. All three flavors, Berry Berry and Strawberry are now available in-store at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and other grocery stores.

Forager Project ®,‘s first children-specific product line joins its core dairy-free offerings, including yogurts, cheeses, smoothies, and milk. Forager Project®,’s Dairy-Free Kids Yogurt has a few vegan options that are made specifically for children. It is a great new option for parents who want to provide healthy, plant-based snacks for their kids. There are three delicious flavors that kids love, so there’s something for everyone. Here are some flavor-specific details:

  • Berry Berry – Berry Berry is a fruity, flavorful snack that combines the best of strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry into one delicious, easy to eat a snack
  • Strawberry – Bursting with fresh, crisp strawberry flavor
  • Mango – perfectly balanced mango flavor with just the right balance of sweetness and tart

Forager Project®,‘s Kids Yogurt comes in single-serve 3.2oz. The pouches make it easy to enjoy organic, dairy-free food at school, at home, or on the move for children with special dietary needs. All flavors are low-sugar and certified USDA Organic.

Stephen Williamson, Forager project CEO and co-founder said, “We hear from fans how much they love our spoonable, drinkable dairy-free yogurts. So it only made sense that we make a kid’s version.” According to parents, organic is the number one attribute they seek when buying food for their children. We are thrilled to offer parents an option they will love and expand our product range to make Forager Project® a brand that the whole family can enjoy.”

Forager Project® continues to be committed to sustainability and environmental health by ensuring that sustainable production is at the forefront and consumers are aware of this. Forager Project®, a brand that works with farmers from India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, and Vietnam to source sustainable organic cashews. These cashews are delicious and creamy and can be used in the Kids Yogurt as well as all other Forager Project®. products. Forager Project®,‘s cashews come from small cooperatives that care about their workers and produce the best cashews.

The Kids Yogurt will be available in-store at Whole Foods as well as at Giant Carlisle and Moms.

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