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Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

The new Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as a multifaceted portrait campaign feature. It reflects the many sides to the crystal in the image that is a new generation icon. The portraits were created by Giovanna Engelbert, Creative Director, and photographed by Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas. They capture the versatile and transformative nature of Swarovski Crystals in a variety of styles. This is a modern quality that Bella Hadid, the Swarovski Campaign’s new face, embodies. Her transformative look serves to be the campaign’s inspiration. She demonstrates the multidimensionality of a fresh fashion mentality. It is a fluid and free-spirited approach to dressing that defies traditional codes.

This attitude inspired a portrait series that focuses on a new generation’s casual and easy relationship with bold crystal jewelry, and its long-standing connotations of glamour. Swarovski Crystals are no longer reserved for the ballroom. They embody joyful glamour. Crystals are easily adapted to modern wardrobes and can be used as a tool for self-expression. The six faces of Bella Hadid are represented by six colors of crystal jewelry. Each portrait, which is symbolic of a window into Swarovski’s world, is framed with a colored crystal aperture. This aperture is cut in the octagonal shape that the brand’s logo, packaging, and signature Millenia Family.

“Bella Hadid is a symbol of the individualistic, transformative spirit of a new generation. She is multifaceted and defies conformity. She can be sporty or glamorous, but she is still the same Bella, the same Bella. This girl exudes confidence and authority. She perfectly embodies Swarovski’s values. Crystals have become a vital part of our daily wardrobe. They can accentuate your individual style and can be worn casually or elaborately. This state of mind is best illustrated by Bella. -Giovanna Engbert, Creative Director at Swarovski

Swarovski was a brand I was familiar with. It is a timeless brand that has remained recognizable for so many years. I love the brand’s new collections and the work they have done, especially in the past two years under Giovanna’s creative vision. I see Swarovski as the modern jewelry brand of tomorrow. Jewelry is about expression and celebrating individuality. Swarovski celebrates everyone and the idea of modern glamour. I love that.” – Bella Hadid.


Crystals can be transformative because of their many faces and facets. A clear crystal is like an optical prism. It contains within its core a full spectrum of colors activated by light refraction. This reaction is a reflection of the dynamic and changing qualities of crystals. Each of the color themes used in the campaign portraits of Bella Hadid is taken from the inner hues and used to reflect a different aspect and look of the model. The images also celebrate Swarovski Crystal’s color codes and collections.

Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

yellow: The sporty Bella showcases the energy and vitality of yellow in a positive styling proposal that is centered on the Lucent Family’s full-cut crystals, which shine like pure sunlight. These bold and joyful pieces celebrate color’s most vibrant form. Bella Hadid also wears Matrix earrings and Harmonia Millenia and Ortyx necklaces.

Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

pink: Sweet Bella captures both the girly and bubbly qualities of pink with powerful overtones that reflect the color’s sweet, but powerful impact. Bella Hadid, a cheeky counterpart to her cheeky appearance, wears Lucent hoops in bold rings made of octagonal stones. These are designed to be the quintessential component of modern wardrobes.

The Cool Bella embodies casual, easy-to-wear crystal jewelry with a styling style that is inspired by the natural and untiring qualities of the color Green. Green is symbolic of growth and progress and embodies new values. Millenia green bracelets and necklaces can be worn with a cropped jacket or hoodie to evoke the effect of layered chains. Two Millenia necklaces are joined together to make a longer drop-chain effect. This illustrates the versatility of the design. These earrings are complemented with Gema earrings, a Lucent bracelet and Millenia clip earrings.

Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

Blu: Bohemian Bella focuses on the soothing and peaceful effects of blue with a relaxed, confident and carefree approach to styling. She is effortlessly stylish and can mix dress codes with her laid-back glamour. It’s a style that Bella Hadid shows in stacks of the versatile Millenia bracelet paired with matching necklaces, Lucent hoops and Lucent rings.

Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

Metal: Sunshine Bella reflects the joy and glamour of Swarovski’s heart through the use of metallics, paving stones, and more. This mood captures the alluring and dazzling mood of the holiday, bathed in a shimmering sun with the Dextera Family’s geometric fusion between masculine metals and precision-cut paving as its central point. Bella Hadid also wears light summer layers made of Millenia, including a necklace and bracelet, Dextera bracelet and Numina rings.

Swarovski announces Bella Hadid as its new campaign face

Clear white: Glam Bella represents the ballroom beauty in a brave new age where glamour is a joyous state of mind. Bella Hadid is an evolution of the clear crystal jewelry language, which was so closely associated with the idea of old-world glamour. She shows a confident and assertive approach to dressing for occasions, as exemplified by the elegant Harmonia Family necklace and choker. The pieces create the illusion of floating stones with their large cushion-cut crystals suspended in suspended settings.

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