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Dewy Lab Is a Testament to the Growth and Development of Clean Beauty Products in China.

Dewy Lab, China’s first clean beauty brand has announced it had completed three rounds within one year. Huachuang Capital, China’s premier investment firm, led the latest Pre-A round. It raised more than ten million USD. Xiaohongshu, China’s largest lifestyle content site, was next. This is a testimony to China’s growth and rise in clean beauty.

In 2015, the clean beauty revolution began in Europe and North America. It has now accounted for more than 20% of the global beauty market by 2021. It is the industry’s most important focus, with many prominent brands like Drunk Elephant, Lush and Farmacy.

Dewy Lab launched its first collection in January 2021. Dewy Lab’s slogan, “Makeup for Skin Lover”, has helped to make Dewy Lab the best makeup brand for all skin types.

Dewy Lab Is a Testament to the Growth

Dewy Lab’s popularity has exploded in just one year. With more than 100,000 accounts, its online sales surpassed 5 million within six months. Young women between 25 and 35 are the largest Dewy Lab customers. They have shown exceptional brand loyalty. The brand’s reputation has been established in three areas over the same period: concealer, foundation cream, and loose powder. It has a monthly sales volume of approximately 5 million and a customer transaction rate of more than 200 RMB. The concealer products of Dewy Lab topped both customer satisfaction and sales in the Tmall March 2022 sale event. It also won the 2021 ELLE Beauty award. Dewy Lab is a leading brand in China’s clean beauty industry.

While there is no consensus on the definition of Clean Beauty, the company Goop created it. It describes it as a “non-toxic product that is not made with a long and ever-evolving number of ingredients linked to adverse health effects.”

The “sensitive skincare” community in China has helped to spread the importance of non-toxic ingredients. 2018 saw the rise of an “ingredient-conscious” consumer base in China. Consumers began to choose products that are less irritating and more effective after being taught about sensitive skin. Mintel research shows that 77% of Chinese consumers consider clean beauty products safer than regular products.

Dewy Lab Is a Testament to the Growth

About 200 million Chinese women have sensitive skin. More than 90% wear makeup every day. Dewy Lab has seen a rapid rise in sales due to this shift towards sensitive skin products.

Clean beauty is about finding the right balance between great efficacy and pure ingredients. Dewy Lab believes that R&D is the key to product innovation. Its investment level is well above the industry average. The company began by recruiting scientists from prestigious international universities such as Cambridge University and the University of Pennsylvania. This helped to create a Dewy Lab Clean Beauty Standard. Dewy Lab’s rigorous standards have allowed it to eliminate ten categories of cosmetic ingredients and more than 70 other controversial ones from all its products. Dewy Lab partnered with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2022 to conduct foundational research and develop technology for clean beauty products. To create unique clean beauty formulas, it has worked extensively with Intercos Group, a global ODM leader.

Dewy Lab currently has numerous patents for both applications and formulae. Dewy Lab’s foundation, for example, does not contain D5 (Cyclopentasiloxane), which is controversial and dangerous. Instead, it uses its own TC-Summit technology. It has also replaced controversial carcinogen Talcum Powder with its own “Velv-Rime” ingredients, while still achieving stunning results.

Dewy Lab has been endorsed by China’s top capitalist and consumer goods platforms. It is a testimony to China’s growth and rise in clean beauty. It will continue to excel in R&D, product development, marketing, and other aspects. It is committed to long-term brand development via all channels and distribution, as well as expansion into foreign markets.

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