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Victoria’s Secret’s First Male Model is Darren Barnet (‘Never Have I Ever) star

Victoria’s Secret has appointed Darren Barnet, the heartthrob of “Never Have I Ever”, as its first-ever male celebrity brand ambassador.

Barnet stars on the Netflix show as Paxton Hall Yoshida’s love interest. The latest campaign for VS Pink features styles from the brand’s “Gender Free” collection, which includes shorts, tees, sweats and shirts.

Pink CEO Amy Hauk announced in a press statement that the partnership was “excited to announce” because Darren is a positive role model for young adults and teens.

“As our focus is on expanding our gender-free options and continuing to evolve as brands, we want to make sure our partners not just represent the diversity and uniqueness of our customers, they also embody individuality & self-confidence.”

Victoria's Secret's First Male Model is Darren Barnet

The Netflix actress joins other Pink ambassadors, including Chloe x Halle’s and Remi Bader’s social media stars. Victoria’s Secret has also announced Emira, a TikTok model and TikTok guru, as the first transgender woman to join the lingerie company.

Barnet, 30 years old, will promote the brand’s upcoming launches, as well as participate in “activations that support the brand’s key initiative, as part Pink’s ongoing commitment, to inclusion, fostering positive psychological health and empowering young adults,” as stated in the release.

“Filming Never Have I Ever” brings me back to high school, and reminds me about the insecurities that young adults have. Barnet shared that she understands the feeling of not fitting in and how important it was to feel accepted and supported for who they are.

Instagram star said, “I am beyond delighted to share some of the new styles but even more grateful that it is possible to be part of a great cause.” When I was a teenager, mental health was not as important. I hope that we can reach young adults who are most in need of support and encouragement.

Barnet’s “Never Have I Ever” stars cheered him on through the comments. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who plays Devi Vishwakumar his on-and-off again love interest wrote “LETS GOOOOOOOOO!” Poorna Jagannathan who plays Devi’s mom, said, “This will prove so important.” We are proud of you.

Paxton Hall Yoshida is well-known for his occasional bare legs on Netflix. He might show his Pink pants this summer during Season 3.

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