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Rihanna Discusses Fashion and Motherhood as the Due Date Nears

Rihanna isn’t good at timekeeping, which also applies to the pregnancy she has shared with the world.

“Planning? She said she wouldn’t call it planning, but spoke out to Vogue about her new motherhood. It’s not something I plan against. I don’t know when or what type of (expletive) I will ovulate. It was just fun. It was then just there on the test.”

The music mogul, fashion and beauty mogul, as well as fashion and beauty mogul, have not been hiding under a tent since A$AP Rocky and her boyfriend announced their pregnancy in January through a New York street shoot. She’s been seen in a variety of belly-bearing gowns since her appearance at fashion week in Milan and Paris.

Rihanna discusses fashion and motherhood as the due date nears
Rihanna discusses fashion and motherhood as the due date nears

Rihanna stated that if it isn’t something she would have done pre-pregnancy Rihanna wouldn’t put it on her list.

She said, “My body is doing amazing things right now, so I’m going to not be ashamed of that.” This time should be celebrated. Why should you hide your pregnancy?

Rihanna, 34, is featured in a red Alaia bodysuit with long gloves and a lacy Alaia bodysuit. This is just one of many designers looks that she has worn to celebrate her bump.

How does she feel about the next stage, when she gives birth?

Rihanna would love for all her loved ones to be present in the room. However, that is unlikely according to COVID-19 rules. She did not disclose the exact location she will be traveling to for labor and delivery, or when she would be due.

She said, “Maybe I’ll just park a bus outside or something.” What is the worst thing about her? “Postpartum depression. Do I feel emotionally out of control? These are the stories that I hear from women who scare me.

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