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Fancurve Reveals The Future of Digital Sports Fashion

Fancurve, a blockchain-enabled digital clothing company, announced today the launch of its revolutionary platform that focuses on creating communities around virtual apparel and lifestyle collectibles. Fancurve engages its customers through interactive extensions and digitally-wearable jerseys. This allows them to connect with top athletes, clubs and designers and other culture-defining brands.

Fancurve, a unique platform that allows users to create bespoke virtual apparel drops by skilled digital fashion designers, is user-friendly and original. Fancurve serves as the locker room for modern sports enthusiasts. It allows you to show your fandom and get ready for your next adventure. Fancurve is a Web3 platform that allows other lifestyle and fashion brands to access the growing metaverse through its community-driven ethos.

Chris Chaney (C4+/Houston Outlaws/Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studios, Limitless Studio) and Andrew Nestor, (Dugout FC, MP & Silva), founded Fancurve. They have a diverse team of skilled employees who have worked with industry leaders in these areas. The diverse international team of Fancurve is almost as global as football, with members based in the United States and Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain as well as Nigeria, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Fancurve Reveals The Future of Digital Sports Fashion

Chris Chaney, Fancurve CEO and founder, stated that Fancurve is focused on changing the meaning of sports fandom for today’s digital age and redefining its future. Our priority is to create a trustable and engaging platform that allows our users to explore the expanding Web3 ecosystem. We are striving to become the most innovative and largest digital wearables platform available for sports fans around the world.

It raised $6.25M in seed funding from investors across technology, sports and Web3 markets. Greenfield One is the main partner. Other key investors include Shima Capital and 6th Man Ventures. Onefootball, Reverb Ventures, Valhalla Capital and Valhalla Capital. Angel investment came from Carlo Pozzali (MP & Silva co-founder), Brian O’Hagan, and Lucas Von Cranach, Onefootball CEO. The seed round also included stars Mario Gotze and Andre Schurrle. Their collective investment will help to grow and offer future products.

Fancurve Reveals The Future of Digital Sports Fashion

Jascha Samadi (Co-founder, Partner at Greenfield One) said that its team was an inspiration to her because of their expertise in Web3, fashion and sports. We are proud to have them as we champion and bring new ideas into the metaverse for sports fashion.

It will announce its initial drops in May. The flagship partnership with La Liga’s top football club is the highlight. Join the Fancurve Discord to receive the most recent news and developments. Follow along on Twitter. Instagram. Discord.

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