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The Blonds Close Fashion Week with Hot Vampires and A Writhing Trio

The Blonds, a shock rock band that designs shock rock clothing, closed New York Fashion Week Wednesday night with hot vampires, embellished corsets, and writhing dancers whipping long ponytails on the runway.

After performing with Paris Hilton and a cabaret atmosphere last September, Phillipe Blond and David Blond, who are partners in life and creative work, we’re delighted to return for their second pandemic-era show. To heavy beats, they created jogger tops, tight tops, and party dresses. They also used a printed fabric that was inspired by the silver spiked and studded corset worn by Rihanna and Katy Perry.

They have made the corset a signature piece of their wardrobe. The corset was worn by a model in homage to their past, The Associated Press told them backstage.

Back to the dancers. Parris Goebel, the choreographer, and dancer for the Blonds performed on the runway in black leather leggings with a matching corset. As the pony-tailed trio, she was joined by two dancers who swam across the floor and strutted for Cardi B and Adam Lambert, as well as Hennessy Carolina (influencer).

Goebel & Co. brought out the new Razr phones as a nod towards show sponsor Motorola. A few pieces were put in the spike print and are available for purchase immediately at

The Blonde Fashion Week

David, the creative director, stated that the Blonds met at The Roxy 22 years ago and have been together since then. Some of their favorite films, such as “Vamp,” “Blade,” and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” inspired them.

David stated, “We kinda love all that digital vampirism.” Phillipe, the designer, stated that the theme is “the Matrix meets the vampires”.

David agreed, “That’s it in a nutshell.”

These vamps love a boot with a high heel and gold platform. Three of them walked in tulle, with one wearing blood-red from head to toe.

Phillipe opened the show wearing little silver head horns and a cape that would have been appropriate for a modern-day bloodsucker. He also wore a catsuit with studded embellishments. Things took a literal turn when a male model walked in tiny spike undies with a cross across his chest and a red cape.

It’s darker, I guess. Phillipe stated that usually, it is brighter and fluffier.

Where are all the vampires and their friends going?

David declared, “Out.” “Yes, we are going out.”

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