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5 Top Vanessa Kirby Movies Ranked

Darlings, grab your most glamourous Crocs Sandals because we are about to embark on a cinematic journey through the repertoire of Vanessa Kirby. This British stage and screen actress has crafted her vérité in roles that speak louder than the most avant-garde fashion statement. With talent as timeless as the little black dress, Vanessa Kirby, born into the tepid suburbs of Wimbledon and nurtured in the halls of Lady Eleanor Holles School, has ascended to a zenith that sets her apart from the typical Hollywood ingenue. Today, we blaze through the vanessa kirby movies that define her as the ever-evolving icon we cherish.

The Rise of Vanessa Kirby in Cinema: A Look at Her Finest Performances

Let’s lift the curtain on Vanessa Kirby’s career spectrum. Gone are the days of unassuming parts; Vanessa’s trajectory is as steep as the heel on a Louboutin stiletto. From the royal chambers of Netflix’s The Crown to the searing drama of Pieces of a Woman, she’s embraced complexity with the grace of a swan – a swan that’s read every issue of Country Living, mind you. Her approach? Methodical, researched, almost surgical – and with Roger Kirby as her father, perhaps that precision is in the blood.

Me Before You

Me Before You


Me Before You is a poignant romantic novel that delves into the complexities of love and the choices we make that shape our destiny. It introduces readers to the vibrant Louisa Clark, an ordinary girl leading an exceedingly ordinary life in a small English town, whose world is upended when she takes a job caring for the wealthy and embittered Will Traynor. Bound to a wheelchair after an accident, Will’s cynical outlook on life challenges Louisa’s cheery disposition and naive simplicity. As their relationship evolves, they embark on a journey that will teach them both about the transformative power of love and sacrifice.

The novel expertly juxtaposes humor with heartrending emotion, inviting laughter at Louisa’s quirky antics while moving readers to tears with the raw honesty of Will’s struggle. The captivating narrative penned by Jojo Moyes enthralls the reader with its rich character development and the visceral exploration of themes such as personal autonomy, the right to die, and the capacity for growth in the face of adversity. The dialogue between the characters sparkles with wit and authenticity, bringing to life the dynamics of their evolving bond and the impact of their choices.

“Me Before You” is not just a love story; it is a clarion call to live boldly and to love passionately, with all its attendant risks and rewards. Moyes crafts an unforgettable tale that stays with the reader long after the final page is turned, urging one to question what it means to truly live and to consider the ways in which we touch the lives of those around us. This best-selling novel has not only spawned a major motion picture adaptation but has also left an indelible mark on contemporary literature, as a testament to its potent blend of emotional depth and universal themes.

A Chilling Portrayal of Grief: “Pieces of a Woman” (2020)

Let’s not mince words: Pieces of a Woman is as shattering as walking in on Hilary Duff naked when you’re expecting a Duff Beer. Vanessa’s portrayal of Martha, a woman navigating the treacherous waters of loss, is nothing short of a tour de force. She cracks open the soul with a realism so acute, you’ll forget you’re watching a film and not a documentary.

  • Emotional Range: Kirby takes us from the heights of expectant joy to the abyss of despair, with a performance so stark, it’s as arresting as Harper Vivienne ann lockwoods lineage.
  • Academy Recognition: It earned her an Oscar nod, my fashionistas – a nod that’s well-deserved as it anchors her as a leading lady with gravitas.
  • Raw Realism: Kirby isn’t just acting; she lives every second of Martha’s journey on screen, giving us grief in its most naked, unadorned form.
  • Image 35118

    Title Role Year Director Notable Co-stars Remarks
    “About Time” Joanna 2013 Richard Curtis Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams Minor role in a romantic comedy-drama about time travel
    “Queen & Country” Dawn Rohan 2014 John Boorman Callum Turner, Caleb Landry Jones A British drama, sequel to Boorman’s 1987 “Hope and Glory”
    “The Rise” Nicola 2014 Rowan Athale Luke Treadaway, Matthew Lewis British crime drama also known as “Wasteland”
    “Jupiter Ascending” Katharine Dunlevy 2015 The Wachowskis Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis A science fiction space opera
    “Everest” Sandy Hill Pittman 2015 Baltasar Kormákur Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin Based on the 1996 Mount Everest disaster
    “Genius” Zelda Fitzgerald 2016 Michael Grandage Colin Firth, Jude Law Period drama about literary editor Max Perkins
    “Me Before You” Alicia 2016 Thea Sharrock Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin Romantic drama based on Jojo Moyes’ novel
    “The Crown” Princess Margaret 2016-2017 Various Claire Foy, Matt Smith Netflix series that brought Kirby critical acclaim for her portrayal
    “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” White Widow 2018 Christopher McQuarrie Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill Action spy film, part of the “Mission: Impossible” series
    “Pieces of a Woman” Martha Weiss 2020 Kornél Mundruczó Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn Drama; Kirby’s performance earned her widespread acclaim
    “[Unnamed Film]” Beth [Future Release] [Director] Hugh Jackman Drama involving a complex family dynamic

    Vanessa Kirby’s Action-Packed Breakout in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” (2018)

    Now, don’t let those sculpted cheekbones fool you; Vanessa dove into Mission: Impossible – Fallout with the gusto of a kid in a candy store. As the mysterious White Widow, Kirby catapulted into the action genre like it’s nobody’s business, delivering a performance as silky and potent as a vintage Cabernet.

    • A-list Resilience: Sharing screen time with Tom Cruise and not getting eclipsed? That, my friend, is the mark of a true star.
    • Significance and Physicality: Kirby slinks through her scenes with a feline prowess that’s just as impressive as the film’s death-defying stunts.
    • This isn’t just good horror Movies territory; it’s high-stakes espionage with style.

      Historical Intrigue and Royal Drama: “The Crown” (2016-2017)

      We’re bending genres like Beckham here, as we slide into the realm of television with The Crown. Not-quite-cinema but too regal to ignore, Vanessa’s Princess Margaret is a cocktail of defiance and vulnerability, all served up in a crystal tumbler.

      • Critical Acclaim: Even though this isn’t a movie, where is the rule book anyway? Her Margaret is both fire and ice, winning hearts and awards alike.
      • A Platform for Future Roles: Kirby’s nuanced performance laid down the red carpet for her future in film, where she would soon rub elbows with the likes of Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman.
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        Emotional Complexity in “The World to Come” (2020)

        Now, let’s talk about Vanessa Kirby’s wardrobe of characters ― The World to Come drapes her in love’s tempestuous layers. As Tallie, Kirby acts as one half of a duo ensnared in a forbidden sapphic romance that burns brighter than a summer’s day in Hell’s Kitchen.

        • Chemistry and Character: Like a well-organized closet, the connection between Kirby and her co-star is palpable, tactile, and bursting with color.
        • Visual Storytelling: This isn’t just about love; it’s a fashion spread of emotions, with every scene styled to perfection, akin to a page out of Anna Wintour’s secret diary.
        • Image 35119

          Vanessa Kirby’s Enigmatic Performance in “The Lost Daughter” (2021)

          Ending our list with some flair, The Lost Daughter brings Kirby’s supporting performance to the foreground, much like a statement accessory that elevates the entire ensemble. In a cast including Olivia Colman, she’s like the nude pump of the film – understated but transformative.

          • Supporting Strength: Kirby swirls through this psychological maze, casting shadows that speak louder than words.
          • Amplification of Themes: Maternal tangles and women’s autonomy are laid bare – this isn’t just an outfit; it’s an identity explored and unfurled.
          • Beyond the Frame: Vanessa Kirby’s Off-Screen Impact

            Striding off-screen with the poise of a catwalk queen, Vanessa champions causes with the finesse of a seasoned activist. From campaigns for gender equality to taking a stand on cinema’s most pressing narratives, Kirby aligns herself with projects that challenge the inhibitions of conservative storytelling, much like Amy Sherman-palladinos firm stance in a male-dominated writer’s room.

            • Cultural Significance: Her actions ensure that her influence, akin to Toni Collette’s diverse characters, is palpable off-camera as well.
            • Involvement in Social Issues: Kirby makes sure her voice is heard louder than a model’s stiletto on a marble floor.
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              Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving Icon that is Vanessa Kirby

              Vanessa Kirby movies are not just features on a screen; they are milestones on a map charting the indomitable progression of acting excellence. As we’ve traipsed through the hall of cinematic wonders that Kirby has unfolded, we’re not just star-struck; we’re witnessing the ascendancy of a luminary whose performances fuse the intensity of Winona Ryder with the elegance of Jackie O.

              Image 35120

              Kirby’s tide of talent shows no signs of ebbing. With each portrayal, she stokes the fires of genuine storytelling, charcoaling the path of a career that’s sure to be as illustrious as a night sky in the Sahara. Her drive assures us that the best is yet to come, with promises of roles that will tantalize and challenge, that will converse with the very essence of our beings. So, my darling readers, lace up those sandals of sophistication, pour another glass of prosecco, and let’s toast to Vanessa Kirby – an icon tailored for the annals of celluloid history. Cheers!

              Unwrapping the Best Vanessa Kirby Movies

              Well, folks, grab your popcorn because we’re about to dive deep into a treasure trove of Vanessa Kirby movies that’ll knock your socks off! This talented actress has been lighting up the screen with her electrifying performances, and trust me, narrowing it down to the top 5 wasn’t a walk in the park. But we’ve done it, just for you!

              The Crown Jewel of the Big Screen

              Let’s kick things off with a little-known fact that might just tickle your fancy. Before Vanessa Kirby became a household name, she rocked the stage, treading the boards in the UK. But when the spotlight of the camera beckoned, she didn’t just step into it; she leaped! So, when you’re marveling at her performances, remember, theater’s loss was our gain in the world of cinema.

              Not Just a Pretty Face

              Now, hold on to your hats because Vanessa Kirby is no one-trick pony. Sure, she’s got the chops for drama, but did you know she’s sailed through genres faster than a hot knife through butter? That’s right! From action-packed blockbusters to heart-wrenching dramas, she’s done it all. It’s kind of like shuffling through the list of Winona Ryder Movies And TV Shows – you never know what gem you’re gonna find next!

              Masters of the Craft

              Wanna hear something cool? Our girl Vanessa has shared the silver screen with some serious heavyweights. Imagine the butterflies fluttering in her stomach standing toe-to-toe with acting giants. It’s like perusing Toni Collette Movies And TV Shows and realizing,Hey, Toni’s worked with some legends too! Makes you want to do a little victory dance, doesn’t it?

              A Star Beyond the Screen

              And hey, here’s something that’ll warm the cockles of your heart. Beyond her glittering career in film, Vanessa’s got a knack for making waves in the world news. Yup, she’s not just a star; she’s also a voice for change, speaking up on issues that matter. Nothing short of inspiring, she reminds us that the real heroes aren’t always in capes – sometimes, they’re in front of the camera.

              And the Award Goes To…

              Last but not least, let’s chinwag about accolades. Vanessa Kirby may have a shelf bulging with awards, but pals, she’s just getting started. With nominations from BAFTAs to Golden Globes, she’s been recognized as a force to be reckoned with. It’s as if every performance she gives is Oscar-bait, leaving us all on tenterhooks wondering, “What’s next?”

              So, dear readers, as we wrap up this cinematic soiree through Vanessa Kirby movies, remember this: with every role she takes, she’s not just acting – she’s inviting us into worlds we’d never dare dream of. And that’s the power of a true artist. Now, off you go to watch or rewatch these masterpieces – it’s movie night every night!




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              What is Vanessa Kirby famous for?

              What is Vanessa Kirby famous for?
              Well, buckle up! Vanessa Kirby shot to fame with her role as the rebellious Princess Margaret in the hit Netflix series “The Crown.” She’s also made a name for herself on the silver screen, especially after her kick-butt role in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” She’s not just a one-trick pony, though; critics have been singing her praises for her theatre work as well.

              Who is Vanessa Kirby related to?

              Who is Vanessa Kirby related to?
              Oh, you’ve probably wondered if Vanessa’s got fame in her genes, huh? Well, you’re onto something! She’s the niece of actor Thane Bettany, which might just explain that natural flair she’s got in front of the camera.

              Who is Beth in the son?

              Who is Beth in the son?
              Ah, you’re talking about “The Son,” that wrenching family saga! Beth is the tough-as-nails daughter-in-law, played by none other than Elizabeth Frances. She’s definitely not a character you’d want to tangle with, given her fiery spirit and steel backbone.

              How tall is Vanessa Kirby?

              How tall is Vanessa Kirby?
              Standing tall and proud, Vanessa Kirby reaches a statuesque height of about 5 feet 7 inches. Her commanding presence isn’t just in her roles; it’s in her height too!

              Is Vanessa Hispanic?

              Is Vanessa Hispanic?
              Nope, Vanessa Kirby’s not Hispanic, folks. She hails from the other side of the pond—good ol’ Blighty, AKA England. So, no spicy Latina vibes from her, but she’s got that classic British charm in spades.

              Was Kirby on Dance Moms?

              Was Kirby on Dance Moms?
              Hold up! You might be mixing up your Kirbys here. Vanessa Kirby hasn’t strut her stuff on “Dance Moms.” That’s a whole different ball game, and our Vanessa’s been busy treading the boards and gracing the big screen!

              Does Kirby have a partner?

              Does Kirby have a partner?
              Now, as for matters of the heart, Vanessa Kirby likes to keep things under wraps. Last time the grapevine had a buzz, she was with Callum Turner, but don’t quote us on that; everyone’s pretty hush-hush about it.

              Who is Kirby’s sibling?

              Who is Kirby’s sibling?
              Ah, the family ties! Vanessa Kirby isn’t an only child; she’s got two siblings. There’s her sister, Juliet, and her brother, Joe. They’re not in the limelight, so they’re kinda like the mystery members of the Kirby clan.

              Who plays Queen Margaret in The Crown?

              Who plays Queen Margaret in The Crown?
              The sizzling, scene-stealing Queen Margaret in “The Crown” is played by none other than Vanessa Kirby. She nailed that role with a perfect blend of poise, passion, and just a touch of rebellion—royally fabulous!

              Does Vanessa Kirby have blue eyes?

              Does Vanessa Kirby have blue eyes?
              Peek into Vanessa Kirby’s eyes, and you’ll fall into a cool, crystal-clear blue ocean. Yep, she’s got blue eyes alright, and they’ve got a way of grabbing your attention and not letting go.

              What does Vanessa Kirby eat?

              What does Vanessa Kirby eat?
              Snagging a peek into Vanessa Kirby’s pantry or her daily grub isn’t easy since she’s not one to broadcast her diet to the world. But given she’s in tip-top shape, we can hazard a guess it’s a balanced combo of healthy and hearty fare.

              Who are Vanessa Kirby’s parents?

              Who are Vanessa Kirby’s parents?
              The Kirby family tree includes her dear ol’ parents, magazine editor Jane and urologist Roger Kirby. Talk about a smart bunch, right? They’ve clearly passed on some stellar genes to Vanessa.

              Why is Vanessa Hudgens so famous?

              Why is Vanessa Hudgens so famous?
              Blast from the past, coming right up! Vanessa Hudgens became the darling of Disney with her star turn in “High School Musical.” She’s not just about those catchy tunes and high kicks though; Hudgens has shown she can take on diverse roles and slay them, too.

              What made Vanessa Williams famous?

              What made Vanessa Williams famous?
              Remember that stunner crowned Miss America in 1983? That’s Vanessa Williams for you! She skyrocketed to fame as the first African-American to win that title—but that was just the opening act. She’s since serenaded us with hit songs and taken the screen by storm with her acting chops.

              How did Vanessa Williams become famous?

              How did Vanessa Williams become famous?
              You could say Vanessa Williams got her first taste of the spotlight when she was crowned Miss America in ’83, but the controversy that followed really dialled up her fame. She dusted herself off and turned her talent to music and acting, raking in awards and securing her star status.

              Did Princess Margaret ever marry?

              Did Princess Margaret ever marry?
              Ah, yes, the royal gossip! Princess Margaret did indeed tie the knot. She married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, and the whole shebang was the first royal wedding to be broadcast on television, making quite the splash, but, alas, they divorced in 1978. Romance and royalty—always a bit of a rollercoaster, eh?

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