Slick Back Hair: 10 Best Quick & Crazy Styles You Must Try!


Hair is our crowning glory and darling, it speaks louder than most of your outfits! One particular style hitting the runway and red carpets alike is slick back hair. It’s as much a sign of power and charisma as that UGG Disquette you’ve been eyeing.

A Blast from the Past: History with a Twist

Yes, let’s talk hair history! The slick back hair style has been a symbol of suave and sophistication. Going back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, you’ll see the oh-so-familiar faces like Clark Gable wearing this style in high esteem. It was then followed by a revival in the 80s and 90s, embodied by stars like the young Cher, turning heads with their pulled back glamour. Today, we see the trend popping back into fashion weeks around the globe as a stark yet chic statement.

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Hair-Sitional Statistics: A Number Game

Numbers might seem like dull stuff but honey, when it’s about hair, it’s always intriguing! A quick search points out that more than 30% of hairstylists are noting an uptick in requests for the slicked back hair look. It’s not just for the fellas anymore, women are embracing this new trend too, especially in the professional realm. Interestingly, studies suggest that people perceive those with the slick back hair look as more authoritative and influential.

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Time to Get a Little Trivial: Some Astonishing Facts

Did you know the likes of Elvis and James Dean aren’t the only images coming to mind when we talk slick back hair? Recently, styling this look has become routine for folks in the professional industry. Even the Tulsa King cast sported this hairstyle in their hit TV series, adding some much loved vintage feel to their on-screen presence.

Let’s get on with it! Here are the ten best styles you must try!


The Classic Slick Back

Recall the charm of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic? That classically slicked back hair screams comfort and elegance. Here’s how you achieve that;

  • Apply some women’s deodorant for a fresh base.
  • Comb your hair back, style it, and secure with a spray.
  • Voila! You are serving some serious Leo charm!

The Wet Look!

Here’s a runway favourite! It’s time to go bold with the wet look. Why not try this crazy style inspired by Kim K herself?

  • Apply a generous amount of gel to your slick back hair.
  • Comb back and let it settle.
  • Now, werk it hunny!

The Ponytail Slick Back

Remember white doc martens? The way it shook the fashion scene? This style is just like that!

  1. Brush your hair back and collect it neatly into a ponytail.
  2. Secure the ponytail high and tight.
  3. Glide your way through the crowd.
  4. The Undercut Slick Back

    The undercut meets slick back hair to create a modern and edgy look.

    1. Get an undercut from your favourite stylist.
    2. Apply a styling product to the top of your hair.
    3. Sweep it back and prepare to turn heads!
    4. image

      The Messy Slick Back

      Not feeling the neatly combed look? Say no more! Let’s go the way of Yitty shapewear – smooth with a sprinkle of spice.

      1. Apply a styling product to your hair.
      2. Run your fingers through your hair to the back.
      3. Welcome to the cool mess!
      4. The Quiff Slick Back

        Take it up a notch with this punk rock-inspired style – the rebel’s answer to slick back hair!

        1. Grow your hair long on the top of your head.
        2. Slick back the sides of your hair.
        3. Style the top into a quiff and rock the punk aesthetic.
        4. Bangs Slick Back

          Beyoncé has done it, and so can you! This glorious homage to the slick back hair trend combined with bangs lends an air of mystery.

          1. Keep full bangs at the front.
          2. Pull the rest of your hair back smoothly.
          3. Strut with simmering confidence!
          4. Pompadour Slick Back

            Combine the old-school charm of a pompadour with the modern slick back hair look!

            1. Keep longer hair at the top.
            2. Comb your hair back into a pompadour.
            3. Show them that style is timeless!
            4. image

              The Braided Slick Back

              Like carrying that tennis bag as a fashion statement? Then you’re definitely game for this one!

              1. Braid your hair at the crown.
              2. Comb the rest of your hair back.
              3. March ahead with style!
              4. The Half-Up Slick Back

                Last but certainly not least, embrace the half-up slick back hair for a casual yet sleek look.

                1. Take the top half of your hair.
                2. Pull it to the back into a knot.
                3. Now step out and show them how it’s done!
                4. Ready to run the show with your slick back hair? With a surge in taco craze all around, every fast food open near me is buzzing. Allow your hairdo to create a similar buzz! After all, it’s not just hair, it’s a personality statement. So go forth, flaunt that slicked back hair, one style at a time!

                  Remember, darling, trends fade, but style is eternal.

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