Kangol’s Top 10 Insane Trends Shaping the Fashion World!

Oh, darlings, brace yourselves for a whirlwind ride through the fashionscape of the illustrious British company, Kangol. With its roots traced back to 1938, this brand has been taking the world by storm, one hat at a time. Let’s plunge into the blend of silk, angora, and wool that shapes the vibrant realm of Kangol’s fashion.

Trend #1: Kangol’s Berets: A Touch of Military Elegance

In the heyday of WWII, Kangol berets were a fan favourite; even General Bernard Montgomery had a little fling with them. They became synonymous with a streamlined military finesse, designed for those valiant souls braving the battlefront. Looking to bring out your inner tactician? Don a beret from Kangol, and you’ll be commanding attention faster than Morgan Freeman can say “action!”

Trend #2: Bucket on a Roll: Kangol’s Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were high on Kangol’s roster, skating on the thin line between chic and practicality. Add a lit bit of the 90s in your style, reminiscent of times when we tucked ourselves on the couch playing co-op games. Ah, nostalgia!


Trend #3: Kangol Beanies: Winter Essential, Aesthetic Referential

Remember those chunky Lululemon yoga mats? Well, Kangol’s range of beanies is like that, but for your head; plush, warm, and always in style. So, darling, it’s time to embrace your winter aesthetic with these woolly wonders.

Top Pick

Kangol Washed Bucket Hat – Black/L Black, Large


Size: L
ENDURING HEADWEAR: The Washed Cotton Bucket Hat is made using lightweight cotton with a clean look and timeless shape that makes it an ideal hat for all seasons—and its cross-hatched embroidered kangaroo logo adds perfect definition
CASUAL RELAXING COMFORT: Our cotton fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and is remarkably strong giving you years of dependable use
STYLISH OUTDOOR VERSATILITY: This utility bucket hat is perfect for life outdoors and is comfortable enough to wear while hiking biking or skating

Talking about revamping the style from grandpa’s time, the flat caps from Kangol bring back the vintage charm of the olden days. Paired with a shearling coat, you will be set to strut down the cobblestones of London or New York’s alleyways.

Trend #4: Kangol Flat Caps: Vintage Revamps

Trend #5: Trapper Hats: Kangol’s Winter Warriors

The Trapper hats from Kangol are your must-have gear to win your fight against biting cold winds. Their design—much like LeBron James’ wife in the stands cheering him on, is fierce and passionate.

Kangol Ventair 504 Cap (X-Large, Black)


Trend #6: Kangol’s Fedora – A Classy Affair

Ah, the Fedora. A hat that screams class without losing an ounce of comfort, much like On Cloud shoes. Fedoras by Kangol have been spotted atop many a celebrities’ heads, adding that extra dollop of dapper to their already fashionable outfits.


Trend #7: Spitfire Caps: The Kangol Classic

Spitfire caps have been Kangol’s go-to classic wear. Easy to pair with anything and comfortable enough for a long day out, they are as essential a must-have as a multivitamin for women.

Trend #8: Kangol’s Rain Hats: Bringing Color to Gray Skies

Kangol’s rain hats are as eye-catching as a pop of color from a Naturalizer. Making a monotonous, rainy day vibrant, they are a fad that has caught on among fashionistas worldwide.

Trend #9: Newsboy Caps: Old School, New Rules

Steeped in design elements from the 19th-century, Kangol’s Newsboy caps are as charming as they are retro. Pair them with your modern ensembles for a high-contrast fashion-forward look.


Trend #10: Kangol’s Baseball Caps: A Fashion Home Run

If you thought Kangol’s obsession with headwear ended with berets and fedoras, you’d be pleasantly mistaken. Their take on the ignobly underappreciated baseball cap, however, will send your style quotient soaring straight out of the ballpark.

Kangol is more than just a brand; it’s a cultural phenomenon, a sublime fusion of finesse and functionality. Whether you’re looking for something vintage or modern, Kangol has it. From berets to bucket hats, they’ve woven a world of wonders with silk, angora, and wool. This alone cements Kangol’s place in our hearts and on our heads.

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