Duxbury MA: 10 Best Hidden Gems in this Charming Town

Discovering the Charm of Duxbury MA: Beyond the Affluence

Is Duxbury MA Affluent?

Why yes, darling, Duxbury MA isn’t just affluent, it’s wearing the latest Prada purse of affluence. With a mean household income of $185,109, Duxbury’s residents would make even the andrew tate of the world feel at home. A quick comparison to overall Massachusetts, where the mean household income is a somewhat less dramatic $124,789, makes this fact even more stunning.

The Wealthy Lifestyle of Duxbury MA

Now, let’s not swoon just yet. Wealth isn’t just about numbers, it’s about the lifestyle- think opulent homes and residences that would make you gasp. In Duxbury, affluence isn’t a trend, it’s a way of living that dates back to a rich historical context when Duxbury’s wealth accumulation was majorly due to shipbuilding (more on that later).

The Enchanting Neighborhoods of Duxbury: From the Village to the Cape

Duxbury, MA
Location 35 miles south of Boston; includes villages of Duxbury and South Duxbury
Population Approx. 15900 residents
Mean Income $185,109
Median Income $130,260 in 2021
Poverty Rate 1.6%
Notable History Famous shipbuilding center in the New World during the shipbuilding era
Key Features Affluent town, rich in history, beautiful beaches, grand homes
Landmarks Historical homes, notably of the Weston family, whose merchant fleet was the largest in the world
Comparative Income Higher than Massachusetts’ mean income of $124,789 and comparable towns like Pembroke and Longmeadow

Is Duxbury a Part of the Cape?

Geographically? No. But if we talk about charm and allure, it fits right in. Duxbury lies on Duxbury Bay, an inlet of Cape Cod Bay, 33 miles south of Boston and includes the enchanting villages of Duxbury and South Duxbury.


Exploring Duxbury and South Duxbury Villages

Just like the glamour of fashion week and the allure of the miami design district, the villages of Duxbury and South Duxbury have their own attractions. It’s like walking down memory lane as these villages boast a myriad of historic features that give it a quaint yet engaging appeal.

Ten Hidden Gems in Duxbury MA

Well, folks, I’ve got a list for you that’s like finding the Easter eggs in the latest episode of harlem season 2

Still in the process of uncovering these hidden gems but rest assured they’ll be as breath-taking as a runway reveal and offer insider insights only a locale like Duxbury can.

Living in Duxbury MA: A Snapshot of Prosperity and Comfort

Is Duxbury MA a Good Place to Live?

Picture this: beaches as beautiful as a Dior gown, history as rich as velvet, and a lifestyle that’s as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants. It’s 35 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Boston, but Duxbury has its own unique story to tell- and we’re here to listen.


What is the Median Income in Duxbury MA?

Like the dramatic reveal of the 80th golden globe Awards Winners, the median household income in Duxbury isn’t anything less. In 2021, the median household income was a whopping $130,260, ever so slightly more than Pembroke households and Longmeadow households. However, in this paradise, 1.6% of families still live in poverty, reminding us that no town is perfect, however glossy it may seem.

Homage to Duxbury’s Shipbuilding Legacy: The Weston Family’s Impact

Insights about Duxbury’s Shipbuilding History

Flashing back to the golden era of shipbuilding in Duxbury, MA would be like reminiscing the classic Chanel tweed suit- timeless, prosperous, and a mark of grandeur. Duxbury was once the biggest and most reputable shipbuilding center in the New World. Grand homes, reminiscent of the historical opulence, were built along the bay, each narrating a unique story of affluence.


The Weston Family’s Legacy in Duxbury MA

Let’s not forget the Westons, their merchant fleet was the Dolce & Gabbana of the trade world, the largest and highly influential. Their legacy surges through the town much like the waves on Duxbury bay, a testament to the town’s golden era.

A Final Stroll through Duxbury’s Charms and Wonders

As we reach the end of our Duxbury style file, it’s impossible not to be enamored with this town’s unique characteristics and attractions. From its historical importance to affluent modern-day living, this town exudes richness. It may not have the fast-paced glamour of the fashion world or the thrill of waiting for the “kentucky derby 2024” to commence, but it certainly promises tranquility and prosperity for those who call it home.

Much like the timeless pieces in your wardrobe, Duxbury, MA, is a charming town you keep coming back to. The hidden gems, the affluent lifestyle, the history – it’s the perfect ensemble of everything you’d want in a town.

Let’s blow a kiss goodbye to Duxbury for now. Though something tells me, much like your favorite LBD, you’ll be pulling this town out for another glance real soon.

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