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The Butchers Daughter Brings Breakfast Club to WeHo

It’s a slice of veggie heaven, darlings! Heather Tierney, the ethereal blonde behind The Butchers Daughter, envisioned her plant-based dining empire with the precision of a meat butcher. She sought to dissect and showcase every facet of the plant kingdom as robustly as any prime rib or rump roast. “We wanted to explore every part of the plant kingdom, to really know produce and how to best use it, just as butchers know and work with meat,” says the gastronomic visionary.

This deft touch for veggie butchery is on display at all five of The Butcher’s Daughter’s tastefully rustic outposts across Los Angeles and New York City, the newest of which has sprouted in West Hollywood. But don’t mistake Heather for a one-trick pony. No, darlings, she’s expanded her repertoire with two brand spanking new offerings – the affordable and ever so clever Breakfast Club and Sunday Sauce in her WeHo spot.

A Vegan Breakfast Club Worth Waking Up For

Morning hunger doesn’t stand a chance with The Breakfast Club! This innovative culinary solution serves as a shining beacon of hope for WeHo’s hustle and bustle. Picture the scene: a radiant assortment of mini vegan and gluten-free muffins ($9) cohabitating with a rainbow of fresh-pressed juices ($10), laid out like a morning feast at the WeHo bar. And if you’re the type who needs a morning meal as substantial as Alana Hadid’s Instagram following, then the All-Inclusive Breakfast Bar ($28) has got you covered. A sumptuous spread rivalling any posh hotel breakfast buffet, without leaving your bank account as flat as a pancake.

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Sunday Sauce: A Taste of Italian Tradition

Step aside Monday blues, and make way for the Sunday Sauce. In homage to the Italian-American tradition of simmering a red sauce all day for those heartfelt Sunday dinners (affectionately known as “Sunday Gravy”), this offering brings back fond memories of family gatherings and shared meals. It’s the kind of wholesome, homey tradition that even the cast of Euphoria would appreciate if they could step off their screen and into our world.

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Grandma’s Table: A Feast for All

The pièce de résistance of the Sunday Sauce has to be Grandma’s Table (serves four, $125), a veritable smorgasbord of Italian delights. The antipasto board and salad kick off the culinary journey on a high note: grilled sourdough, a hearty serving of olives, herb whipped feta, and a beet prosciutto so well executed it could give its meaty counterpart a run for its money.

“Beef” Tagliata: The Game Changer

The star of the show, however, is the newest à la carte dish – the “Beef” Tagliata (limited quantities), a wonder of modern gastronomy made with Chunk Foods’ plant-based “steak.” I know what you’re thinking: “Faux meat? Really, darling?” But hear me out. This bad boy has all the mouthwatering qualities of an expertly cooked steak – juicy, tender, and full of flavor, so much so that it could make even the most diehard steak aficionados question their life choices.

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The Butcher’s Daughter: Pioneering Plant-Based Excellence

Since its inception, The Butcher’s Daughter has been a beacon of innovative vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Always pushing boundaries, never resting on laurels, they’ve crafted two new accessible menus and delivered what could arguably be the best-tasting alternative meat dish to ever grace our palates.

With an address as chic as its patrons, The Butcher’s Daughter has found its home in West Hollywood. Whether you’re planning a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, be sure to bookmark this spot, darlings.

The Butcher’s Daughter West Hollywood 8755 Melrose Blvd. Hours: Everyday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Breakfast Club: Mon.-Friday 9 a.m. to noon Sunday Sauce: Sunday 5 p.m. until closing Reservations via Resy

(Just a friendly note, honeys, don’t forget to check the age restrictions before heading out. We wouldn’t want you getting caught up in a Drake meme-worthy moment now, would we?)

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