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Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights: Best Color Styles 2023

If one is to embark on a hair color expedition, a mix of brown hair with blonde highlights surely makes for a chart-topping destination.

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A Toast To The Chronicles of Hair Coloring

The fascination with hair coloring stretches back to the days of ancient Egyptians, when they concocted a blend of lead and lime to dye their tresses black. Then came the Romans who preferred blonde and reached for a mix of goat fat and beechwood ashes to achieve the look.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century, and hair coloring had become the emblem of female rebellion and fashion-forwardness. Some high-profile adopters, such as Marilyn Monroe, symbolized the blonde revolution, while Audrey Hepburn, with her elfin brown pixie cut, ushered in the era of natural hair color.

A Deep Dive into the Blonde Highlights Journey

Today, the world fell head over heels in love with the brown hair with blonde highlights trend. To comprehend why this magnificent mix has skyrocketed in popularity, let’s dive into some intriguing tales and numbers that shape the modern world of hair coloring. According to a 2020 study, 75% of women reportedly alter their hair color, in one way or another, every six months.

The most sought-after color? Blonde, racking up a whopping 46% of annual salon dye jobs! Now, introduce some pleasant contrast to your locks with highlights of honeyed or gold hues, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination that’s undoubtedly in vogue.

blonde highlights

Five Top Styles for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Here are five head-turning styles to consider on your journey to achieving brown hair with blonde highlights. Each has its unique charm, and luckily for you, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to hair color. Explore these options and find the one that resonates with your personality.

  1. Chunky Highlights: An ode to the 90’s, chunky highlights are making a comeback. The broader sections of color create a dramatic contrast with the darker hair, perfect for those looking to make a statement.

  2. Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights: A blend that leans on the warmer end of the spectrum, this is a perfect choice for those with a tanner complexion or those who naturally have warm undertones to their hair. Read more about honey brown hair color.

  3. Ash Blonde Highlights: For those who want to sway away from the warm yolky tones and venture towards a cool, beachy vibe, ash blonde highlights would be a fabulous choice.

  4. Copper-Tinted Blonde Highlights: A magical mix that offers a stunning contrast due to the bright pop of copper mixed with blonde. Explore more about copper hair color

  5. Balayage: This ever-popular technique creates a subtle and natural blend of colors, apt for those who prefer a low maintenance color option.

best blonde highlights

How to Maintain Your Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Maintaining brown hair with blonde highlights requires a simultaneous focus on preserving color and maintaining hair health. Because the process of highlighting involves lightening–which necessarily means stripping some of the natural pigment–the hair may be more prone to dryness or breakage. The tips outlined below will help you maintain the desired color while keeping your locks looking healthy.

  • The Proper Use of Color-Preserving Products: Include color-preserving products in your regime that are specially formulated to protect and extend the life of your color while ensuring that your hair remains nourished.

  • Limit Heat Styling: High heat can lead to color fade and dryness. When possible, opt for heat-free styling options, and when you must heat-style, always use products designed to protect your hair.

  • Stay Protected Under the Sun: Just as your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays, so too does your hair. Look for sprays that offer UV protection.

  • The Magic of Regular Trims: Regular trims encourage hair health by removing split ends, which can make your color look dull.

Your hair deserves attention and care, just like a glamorous outfit or an all-important gym routine. Explore more on the importance of such routines like high cable fly.

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Spectacular Traveling While Sporting Your Blonde Highlights

Ladies and gentlemen alike agree that maintaining the hair while traveling can be a nightmare. Here are some useful tips to keep your brown hair with blonde highlights looking spectacular when you’re on the move. Get inspired by “sfo to paris”.

  • Portable Color-protecting Sprays: Carry a travel-sized color-protecting spray with UV protection in your suitcase. This will shield you from the adverse effects of the sun or water.

  • Use the Hotel’s Hair Dryer: Avoid using the hotel’s hair dryer as they often have a higher heat level compared to what you would use at home, which can lead to color fade. A good option would be to carry your own travel-size hair dryer.

blonde high lights

So, ladies, let’s mix a dash of audacity, a sprinkle of creativity, and a lot of personality to create that statement look, blending the softness of brown with the spark of blonde. Brown hair with blonde highlights is not just a trend; it’s a testament to our bravery, our proclivity to experiment, and our ceaseless quest for the ‘perfect look’.

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