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GIMME Beauty’s Detangling hairbrush is innovative and ‘game-changing’

GIMME beauty is a leading brand in haircare and beauty. It was recently ranked as the #1 best-selling hairbrush by Amazon. GIMME sold over 7000 hairbrushes in a single weekend and sold out of their patent-pending medium Detangling Brush.

GIMME created a revolutionary, versatile detangling tool for all hair types.

Jeff Durham, Chief Executive Officer of GIMME (a Durham Brands Family Company) stated, “At the core, we celebrate individual beauty, and aim to elevate that with disruptive inventions. GIMME Detangling Brush turns a tedious, harmful daily routine into something women enjoy. We are thrilled that customers rated it the best for all hair types.

GIMME Beauty's Detangling hairbrush is innovative and 'game-changing'

GIMME Detangling Brushes feature revolutionary design and technology that puts consumers at the center of their research and development. They are infused with negative ion technology to reduce frizz and static. The GIMME Detangling brush is the ideal option for winter, as it reduces tangles, snags, and makes styling and hair care easier.

GIMME’s revolutionary brush has received over 650 5-star reviews. It was rated the “Best Thick hair Detangling Brush.” The flexible nylon bristles of GIMME are antistatic, heat resistant, and frizz-resistant. Thick hair beauty enthusiasts will no longer feel tender-headedness or pulling hair.

GIMME Beauty's Detangling hairbrush is innovative and 'game-changing'

The soft-touch velvet grip handle is suitable for medium-textured hair. It offers both flexibility and structure. Beauty enthusiasts love the ease and comfort of detangling wet hair.

The GIMME Detangling brush is ideal for fine hair. It reduces heat styling which can cause both short-term and long-term hair damage. GIMME’s innovative cushion-based flat brush massages the scalp with soft, flexible bristles. This allows beauty lovers to achieve a more polished look, regardless of style or length.

It was an incredible achievement for the brand, our product and our team to see thousands of beauty enthusiasts flock to the GIMME brush detangling tool, which became the most-sold brush on Amazon. Jeff Durham said, “We are honored to serve women all over the globe with game-changing design ideas and industry innovation.”

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