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Best ferm living Decor Trends for 2024

Unpacking the ferm living Essence: Home Decor Trends That Defined 2023

Oh, honey, if you haven’t heard of ferm living, you might as well be living under a less stylish rock. This brand has been setting the bar higher than a pole vaulter on a sugar high when it comes to home fashion. Born from a wallpaper whimsy in 2005, ferm living has since unfurled into a full-fledged philosophy of functional yet fabulous decor. So, for 2023, be prepared for a home that’s more haute than your wardrobe!

Their unique philosophy? A cocktail mix of minimalist Scandinavian design swirled with full-bodied textures and garnished with a slice of comfort. It’s the kind of place where you can kick off your stilettos and still feel utterly chic. But it’s not just about the looks, honey; sustainability is their middle name. ferm living doesn’t just create decor; they sculpt lifestyles compatible with Mother Earth.

Embracing Nature: The Resurgence of Organic Materials in ferm living

2023 is the year the home went green—and I’m not just talking about color schemes. There’s been this delicious marriage between ferm living collections and organic materials. Think textiles from your eco-conscious dreams, woods that whisper tales of sustainable forests and ceramics birthed from the loving hands of earth-conscious artisans.

It’s no surprise the root of consumer preferences has wound its way deep into eco-friendly soil. With ferm living, your home can be as kind to the planet as it is to your eyes. And, if the idea of snuggling on a sofa that’s as good for the environment as it is for your Sunday naps isn’t chic, I don’t know what is, darling.

Carrot’s Den Donut Vase, Set of Minimalist Nordic Style, White Ceramic Hollow Vase Decor Table Centerpiece, Boho, Wedding, Living Room, Bookshelf, Office, Modern Home (Warm White)

Carrot's Den Donut Vase, Set of   Minimalist Nordic Style, White Ceramic Hollow Vase Decor  Table Centerpiece, Boho, Wedding, Living Room, Bookshelf, Office, Modern Home (Warm White)


The Carrot’s Den Donut Vase Set encapsulates modern Nordic elegance with its simple yet captivating design. Crafted from premium white ceramic, each piece boasts a smooth, hollow center that gives the vase its unique donut-like appearance. The minimalist aesthetic is carried throughout the set, which includes multiple vases that complement each other when displayed together. Perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty, these vases serve as a pristine canvas for the vibrant hues of any floral arrangement.

Designed to enhance any space, the Carrot’s Den Donut Vase Set easily becomes the focal point whether gracing a wedding tablescape or adding a touch of bohemian charm to a living room setting. The warm white tone of the ceramic material brings a cozy ambiance to interiors, harmonizing with both bold and neutral color palettes. As a table centerpiece, these vases invite a serene and inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests to gather and enjoy the surroundings. Their versatility translates seamlessly from festive occasions to everyday living, enriching the decor of any modern home.

Meticulously crafted for versatility, the vases are not only stunning in a domestic environment but also make a stylish statement in a professional setting. Ideal for office receptions or bookshelf embellishment, the Carrot’s Den Donut Vase Set adds a sophisticated and artistic touch without being overwhelming. These hollow vases can be used to anchor a space or to add an eclectic twist when introducing nature into a work area. The timeless design ensures the vases remain a cherished element of any interior design for years to come, symbolizing elegance and a love of minimalist, modern home decor.

Category Description Countries of Production Notable Materials Key Features Year Established Founder
Upholstered Furniture High-quality furniture within Danish design tradition Baltics, Italy, Poland, and Portugal Natural and honest materials Minimalistic design, durability, designed for everyday use 2005 Trine Andersen
Wooden Furniture Danish design-crafted, sustainable wood sources Baltics, Sweden, and Turkey Wood from sustainable sources Craftsmanship, functional simplicity, aesthetic minimalism 2005 Trine Andersen
Metal Products Precision-made metal items for interior design Europe, Specific countries not stated Metal, various finishes Clean lines, durability, Scandinavian design aesthetic 2005 Trine Andersen
Wallpaper The origin product that sparked the brand’s creation Europe, Specific countries not stated Eco-friendly materials Unique designs, variety of patterns, easy to apply, complements minimalistic interiors 2005 Trine Andersen
Textiles (Europe) High-quality European-made textile products Europe, Specific countries not stated Natural fibers like cotton and wool Comfort, functional design, natural materials, matches minimalist decor 2005 Trine Andersen
Textiles (India & China) Collaborative production with Asian suppliers India and China Various natural and synthetic fibers Diverse designs, accessibility, complements a range of interiors 2005 Trine Andersen
Glassware Artisan-crafted transparency and durability China Glass Aesthetic versatility, minimalist elegance, functional design 2005 Trine Andersen
Ceramics Handcrafted stoneware and porcelain China Stoneware, Porcelain Unique textures, durable, Scandinavian-inspired shapes, suits modern kitchens 2005 Trine Andersen
Lighting Ambient and focused lighting solutions China Various, including metals and glass Energy efficiency, minimalist design, suits a variety of spaces, use-focused lighting 2005 Trine Andersen

Color Palette: The Soft Pastel Revolution in ferm living Aesthetics

The color revolution has been televised, and the verdict? Soft pastels are the queens of the color wheel. So, we bid au revoir to the bold and say a gentle hello to hues that feel like a loving embrace for your eyeballs. It’s a palette cleanser in the most literal sense, allowing your home to don the pastel crown.

ferm living isn’t just slapping faint colors on walls and calling it a day; they’re thoughtfully incorporating these serenity-evoking shades into their designs, bringing us back to the simpler times of our childhood lemonades and cotton candy clouds. With a swoosh of their designer wand, they’ve turned modern spaces into pastel palaces.

Image 30376

Geometric Shapes Meet Gentle Curves: ferm living’s 2023 Design Innovations

And just when you thought straight-laced geometry had no place in the cozy corners of your abode, ferm living said, ‘Hold my mood board’. This year’s designs are a playground of shapes where strong, clean lines shimmy up next to the softest curves, and let me tell you, it’s a dance worth watching.

There’s something decidedly soothing about bringing together the assertive and the subtle. It’s like a visual whisper that says, ‘Everything’s going to look fabulous,’ turning living spaces into emotional sanctuaries. You can feel the careful thought in every angle and arc.

Minimalism 2.0: The Evolution of Simplistic Design in ferm living Collections

If you thought you knew minimalism, ferm living is here to give you the postgraduate course. It’s not just about stripping down to the bare minimum; it’s a curated conversation between form and function, dressed to impress in the best aesthetic garb of 2023.

Balance is the belle of the ball in ferm living’s decor diaries. Their pieces exude an air of ‘I woke up like this’ sophistication that’s impossible to ignore because every item is made to be used, loved, and lived in. It’s like the denim of design—classic, comfortable, and oh-so-cool.

Honyee Full Length Mirror, x all Mirror, Flannel Wrapped Wooden Frame Full Body Mirror, Irregular Wavy Mirror Hanging or Leaning Against Wall for CloakroomBedroomLiving Room, White

Honyee Full Length Mirror, x all Mirror, Flannel Wrapped Wooden Frame Full Body Mirror, Irregular Wavy Mirror Hanging or Leaning Against Wall for CloakroomBedroomLiving Room, White


The Honyee Full Length Mirror exemplifies contemporary design and functional artistry, making it an essential accessory for any modern cloakroom, bedroom, or living room. Its expansive reflective surface is ideal for full-body viewing, ensuring you can assess your outfit with one swift glance. The irregular wavy outline of the mirror adds an artistic, dynamic feel to the space, breaking away from the monotony of traditional rectangular designs. Its unique shape makes it not just a mirror but a statement piece that can elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Crafted with care, the mirror is encased in a soft, flannel-wrapped wooden frame that exudes subtle elegance. The gentle texture of the frame provides a tactile contrast to the smooth glass, enhancing the sensory experience of the product. Available in a clean, crisp white, the frame’s neutral tone guarantees it will harmonize with a vast array of color palettes and décor choices. Moreover, it contributes to the enhancement of natural light within any room, creating a brighter, more inviting space.

Versatility is a key feature of the Honyee Full Length Mirror, offering the flexibility to either hang it on a wall or lean it against one for an effortless, chic look. Its stable construction ensures safety and durability whether it’s mounted or rested on the floor. The installation process is straightforward, with all necessary fittings included to secure the mirror in your preferred location. This mirror is an ideal choice for those who appreciate artistic design and require a functional piece that seamlessly blends into their living space.

Textural Contrast: A ferm living Approach to Sensory Decor Experiences

Texture is the spice of home decor, and ferm living’s 2023 collection is zesty, baby! It’s like your living room decided to put on its best velvet dress and sprinkle itself with satin rose petals for good measure. And, it’s not just for kicks; there’s method to this textural madness.

By pairing the rugged with the refined, ferm living creates an unforgettable decor dialogue. It encourages your senses to embark on an adventure every time you cross your threshold. Their tactile treasures are an open invitation for your hands to glide over surfaces that tell a story of contrast and craftsmanship.

Image 30377

The Role of Vintage Flair in ferm living’s Contemporary Settings

Whoever thought grandma’s attic finds would be the centerpiece of modern chic clearly never met ferm living. 2023 saw the past and present set up a Tinder profile and, honey, it’s been a match made in design heaven.

Their secret lies in vintage vibes that blend seamlessly with cutting-edge styles, creating timeless spaces that manage to tip their hat to yesteryear while winking at tomorrow. ferm living has essentially turned ‘something old, something new’ into the ultimate interior design mantra.

Tissue Box Cover Holder, Square with Bottom Belt by Carrot’s Den PU Leather Decorative Organizer for Tabletop, Bathroom, Car, Office Beige

Tissue Box Cover Holder, Square with Bottom Belt by Carrot's Den   PU Leather Decorative Organizer for Tabletop, Bathroom, Car, Office  Beige


Add a touch of elegance and convenience to your living space with the Tissue Box Cover Holder from Carrot’s Den. This chic, square tissue box holder is crafted from high-quality PU leather, offering both durability and style. The beige color provides a neutral tone that’s versatile enough to blend seamlessly with any interior décor, whether it’s in your home, office, or vehicle. This holder is not just a decorative item; it also protects your tissue boxes from dust, spills, and everyday wear.

The design of the Tissue Box Cover Holder features a clever bottom belt, ensuring easy insertion and removal of the tissue box. This thoughtful addition guarantees that your tissues remain firmly in place, so they don’t fall out when you need them the most. The holder accommodates standard square tissue boxes, making it a universal accessory for any room. It is particularly handy for bathrooms, tabletops, and cars, where tissues are frequently needed and yet so easily soiled or damaged.

Not only is the Tissue Box Cover Holder from Carrot’s Den practical, it also serves as an attractive organizer. Its smooth, beige PU leather surface allows for easy cleaning – a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed for maintenance. This holder is perfect for those who appreciate a neat, organized environment, and also makes a thoughtful and sophisticated gift for friends, family, or colleagues looking to enhance the look of their personal spaces. Elevate your tissue storage with this stylish and functional accessory, and keep your spaces clutter-free and chic.

Lighting the Way: The 2023 ferm living Luminaries That Stole the Show

Remember when lighting was just about seeing your way to the fridge at midnight? Not anymore! ferm living’s 2023 lighting fixtures are like the Broadway stars of home decor—commanding attention and utterly unmissable in the best possible way.

These illuminating beauties aren’t just functional; they’re conversation starters, mood setters, and ambiance creators. They’ve shown us that the right lighting isn’t just about watts and lumens; it’s about adding that finishing touch that can elevate a room from pleasant to ‘page in a magazine’ perfect.

Image 30378

Functional Art: The Rising Popularity of Sculptural Furniture in ferm living Designs

But why stop at lights? In 2023, ferm living turned the humble chair and quiet cupboard into veritable art exhibits. It’s a triumph of functionality wearing the disguise of gallery-worthy sculpture, making the act of sitting down an aesthetic pleasure trip.

This trend brought the gallery to the living room and blurred the lines between the museum and the mundane. It’s furniture that refuses to be ignored, commanding you to consider form as passionately as you consider function. Pure genius, if you ask me.

Smart Designs: The Integration of Technology in ferm living Creations

Let’s talk tech, but make it fashion. ferm living stepped into the future without dropping a stitch of style, integrating technological features so seamlessly you’d think they were always meant to be part of the decor dialogue.

We’ve been wowed by innovative solutions that marry design with digital in a way that leaves enough room for aesthetics to breathe and flourish. It’s not about gadgets; it’s about enriching the fabric of home living with technology that tucks itself discreetly into remarkable design. Trust me; you’ll want every intelligent piece in your own space.

Recapping the ferm living Voyage Through 2023’s Decor Labyrinth

As we strut our stuff away from 2023, let’s toss our feather boas over our shoulders and reflect on the journey ferm living led us on. We’ve traipsed through trends that blew our minds, not just because they were drink-spillingly stunning, but because they spoke to our souls and sustainable sensibilities.

ferm living didn’t just set the bar; they sent it to the stratosphere, and we’re all astronauts in their chic cosmic reverie. It’s clear these decor delights are more than a flash in the pan; they are the markers of a home renaissance that celebrates both innovation and introspection.

With a heartfelt ’till next year’, strike a pose in your ferm living furnished fortress, darling. Keep in mind that these decor marvels aren’t just a fad, they’re the future. And remember, as Trine Andersen once mused in an interview, homes are like a second skin—so you might as well make sure they’re dressed to the nines.

And there you have it, folks—a dive into the ethos of ferm living and how they forever changed the landscape of home interior. It’s been a style odyssey that romped through sustainable forestry and cosied up with geometric charm, all while keeping a vintage hand on the pulse of tomorrow. We tip our berets to you, ferm living, for your unflagging commitment to a world where living well is a look we can all aspire to.

Spruce Up Your Space: Ferm Living’s Fresh Decor Picks for 2023

Climb to New Heights with Earthy Tones and Textures

Let’s rock and roll right into the natural vibes hitting the decor scene! This year, ferm living hits the mark with a combo that packs a punch: think a boulderer’s paradise meets a Scandinavian haven. Now, before you start thinking I’m suggesting turning your living room into a Central Rock gym—hold( your horses, because it’s all about the inspo, folks. We’re talkin’ earthy tones that ground you and textures as rich as the grip on a climber’s chalky hands. From rugged stoneware to wooden accents that are just a cherry on top, these elements are coming inside to make your home feel like a retreat without fighting gravity.

Wrestle Down The Monotony with Bold Patterns

Get ready to tag in some excitement! Don’t let your home’s style take a tap-out; make it jump off the top rope with bold patterns that scream “Look at me!” It’s like female wrestling—unexpected,( full of personality, and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. We’re not talking about anything that’ll have you pinned down with regret. Oh no, ferm living is serving up that perfect mix of striking and chic that’ll make your space stand out faster than a suplex in the ring. So toss that old throw pillow into the corner and tag in a pattern that’ll do the heavy lifting for your design scheme.

A Touch of Opulence with the ‘Guo Pei’ of Accents

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The richness hitting home decor this year is straight out of a Guo Pei( haute couture runway. It’s like the impeccable detail from one of her gowns wandered into your abode. This isn’t about plastering gold leaf on every available surface; it’s about those spot-on touches of luxury—be it a velvet-upholstered chair giving you royal vibes or a brass table lamp that’s as much of a conversation starter as a red-carpet dress. Trust me, incorporating these gems into your place gives it that glitz without the feeling of falling down a bling rabbit hole.

The Understated Glam of ‘Alexandr Wang’-inspired Accessories

Now hold on, don’t go thinking we’re just talking about any old trinkets. The accessories making waves are as cool and collected as an Alexandr Wang( fashion statement. This is about having those sleek little extras around that may look nonchalant but are totally intentional. Think candleholders that look minimal but are masterpieces, or planters that seem simple yet sophisticated. It’s all about decor that whispers “I’ve got this” with effortless style.

Bringing the Outdoors In with ‘Tommy Ford’-Like Nature Elements

Last but not least, grab your metaphorical shovel and let’s dig right into this trend—because bringing the outdoors in is like stepping into one of Tommy Ford’s( landscape paintings. It’s serene; it’s tranquil; it’s like having a little slice of Mother Nature for your very own. And you don’t need to go full-on tree hugger here. We’re talking subtle nods to nature: potted plants, floral designs that don’t overwhelm, and materials that make you wanna breathe in the pine-scented air (even if the closest forest is a car ride away).

So, there you have it folks—ferm living’s 2023 decor trends will have your home feeling like a whole new world without even breaking a sweat. Now, hop to it and start sprinkling a little bit of that design magic around your place!

MOLIMAO Glass Vase for Centerpieces,Modern Large Vase for Flowers,Footprint Shape Striped Bottle for Home,Office Restaurant Desk Decor Inch(Brown)

MOLIMAO Glass Vase for Centerpieces,Modern Large Vase for Flowers,Footprint Shape Striped Bottle for Home,Office Restaurant Desk Decor Inch(Brown)


Add a touch of distinction to any room with the MOLIMAO Glass Vase for Centerpieces, an elegant accessory designed to impress. This modern large vase is crafted from high-quality glass with a unique footprint shape that offers a contemporary spin on classic home decor. Its visually arresting striped pattern coupled with the warm brown color creates a striking contrast that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space. Perfect for holding a generous bouquet of flowers, this vase acts as a focal point for office areas, restaurant tables, or your home’s entryway.

The MOLIMAO Glass Vase isn’t just a vessel for blooms; it’s a statement piece that complements any interior design scheme. The vase’s substantial size ensures it holds a prominent place, whether placed atop a dining table, a mantelpiece, or a desk. Its construction boasts durability and stability, ensuring that this beautiful piece can be a part of your decor for years to come. The careful design ensures it catches the light beautifully, showcasing the intricate details and depth of color within its glass walls.

Perfect for decorators seeking a stylish and functional centerpiece, the MOLIMAO Glass Vase for Flowers adapts effortlessly to various settings. Whether you’re accentuating a minimalist office space, adding warmth to a chic restaurant, or giving your home a splash of sophistication, this footprint shape striped bottle is versatile for any occasion. It makes a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, weddings, or as a memorable token for colleagues. Set the stage for an unforgettable display with this stunning brown glass vase that artfully marries utility with modern design elegance.

Where is ferm LIVING made?

Oh, you’ve got your eye on ferm LIVING, huh? Their chic products are designed in Denmark, but they’re made all around the globe—crafted with care to ensure that every piece feels like it’s got a touch of that Danish design magic.

Is ferm LIVING danish?

Sure is! With its roots firmly planted in Copenhagen, ferm LIVING is as Danish as butter cookies and Hans Christian Andersen! The brand is a true reflection of that clean, minimalist Scandinavian design that’s been stealing hearts worldwide.

Who is the founder of ferm LIVING?

Trine Andersen is the mastermind behind ferm LIVING. She started this gorgeous brand back in 2006, and boy, has it taken the design world by storm with its signature aesthetic and thoughtfully crafted items!

Who is the creative director of ferm LIVING?

Taking the helm of creativity at ferm LIVING is none other than Trine Andersen herself—yep, the founder! She’s got this knack for blending tradition with a modern twist that keeps everyone on their toes, awaiting her next design move.

Is ferm a good brand?

Listen up, when it comes to home goods, ferm is the bee’s knees! With their focus on quality materials and eye-catching designs, ferm LIVING has scooped up a loyal fanbase that swear by its brand. Good? I’d say it’s fabulous!

Where are Ferm tools made?

Ferm tools might not ring a bell ’cause they’re not part of ferm LIVING’s collection. But if you’re talking about tools that are ‘ferm’ as in solid, that’s another story. Brands vary, so you’d best check the label for the lowdown on where they’re forged.

What is Danish furniture known for?

Danish furniture? Man, that’s like the gold standard in design! It’s known for its sleek, functional style that’s got simplicity down pat. Think of it as beauty meeting practicality in a minimalist dance.

What kind of wood is Danish furniture made of?

Ah, the wood that gives Danish furniture its warmth and natural charm—typically, it’s good ol’ sustainable timber like teak or oak. These woods give the furniture that sturdy yet elegant vibe that’s synonymous with Danish design.

What is the Danish style of living?

The Danish style of living—it’s all about ‘hygge’ (cozy comfort) and living well. Think less clutter, more quality, and spaces that make you want to kick off your shoes and relax. It’s the sort of living that says, “Ah, this is the life,” every time you walk through the door.

Who is the current creative director at Coach?

Talk about a fashion hot seat! The current creative director at Coach is Stuart Vevers. He’s been steering the ship since 2013, infusing the brand with his fresh and spiffy take on luxury American classics.

Who is the current creative director of coach?

Stuart Vevers is running the show at Coach as their current creative director. Known for his leather expertise, he’s been mixing up the Coach recipe with a dash of downtown cool since he hopped on board.

Who is the current creative director of Calvin Klein?

Ah, Calvin Klein’s captain of creativity! That would be the one and only Raf Simons… Oh, wait, scratch that! He left a while back. The current maestro of their design hasn’t been announced just yet, so keep your ears to the ground!

Where do people who are Danish live?

Danish folks typically hail from—drumroll, please—Denmark! Cozy up in one of Europe’s coziest nooks, and you’ll be elbows deep in Danish hygge before you know it.

Where are Danish sweets from?

Danish sweets, like the world-famous ‘Danish’ pastry, actually have a sweet little secret—they originated from Austria! But don’t worry, the Danes have claimed them and made them their own, complete with a scrumptious sprinkle of local charm.

Where is Danish furniture from?

Danish furniture hails from—surprise, surprise—Denmark! This Scandinavian country’s got a rep for churning out designs that are the epitome of cool, collected, and clean—straight from the land of Vikings and ridiculously good-looking people.

Where do Danish speakers live?

Danish is the spoken word in Denmark, of course. But those Danish speakers, they like to wander. You’ll find them chit-chatting in Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and even in parts of Germany. Gotta love a language that loves to travel!

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