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BELLAMI Hair Has Been Acquired by a Beauty Industry Group.

Beauty Industry Group (“BIG”) is a market leader in hair solutions and announced today that it had acquired BELLAMI Hair (“BELLAMI”) a premium brand that drives innovation in hair extensions. BIG will help BELLAMI in its differentiation and go-to-market strategy. It will also grow its strong consumer base to continue its momentum. The terms of the transaction are not known.

BELLAMI Hair Has Been Acquired by a Beauty Industry Group.

Nikki Eslami (who will remain as an advisor) and Julius Salerno (Cedar Officer) founded BELLAMI in 2012. They had the vision to provide luxury hair extensions for women who want to feel and look their best. BELLAMI’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) roots have seen industry-leading growth. The company has since expanded to a direct-to stylist (DTS), engagement strategy that provides its products and insights to key digital platforms where stylists interact with one another.

BELLAMI’s operating philosophy focuses on the belief that extensions are not the only thing that can help you feel confident. The brand has been a leader in education for stylists over the years. They have learned the various techniques and know the best ways to maintain and style hair.

BELLAMI Hair Has Been Acquired by a Beauty Industry Group.

Derrick Porter, Chief Executive Officer at Beauty Industry Group, stated that “We have always admired BELLAMI because it truly redefines the quality, perception, and customer engagement strategy for hair extensions in the growing DTS” category. The brand has an incredible runway for growth and we look forward to working with the team at BELLAMI to provide BELLAMI with the product innovation, data insight and analytics, performance marketing expertise, and supply chain focus that BIG has fostered through our ongoing brand-building efforts. BELLAMI’s partnership with BELLAMI is an important step in creating a hair solutions company that can tell the story of how hair products solve problems for women all over the globe.

Nikki Eslami is the Co-Founder of BELLAMI. She said, “I’m thrilled BELLAMI enters its next chapter in growth alongside the BIG team. BELLAMI’s past decade-long mission to improve hair solutions has been reaffirmed by their similar focus. BELLAMI‘s support of BIG will allow it to expand its reach in meeting women’s diverse hair needs, including thinning, alopecia, and dryness. Hair is an emotional part of many people’s identities. It should be a source of confidence.

BELLAMI Hair Has Been Acquired by a Beauty Industry Group.

Julius Salerno is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BELLAMI. He said, “This transaction represents an exciting milestone for BELLAMI. We continue to cultivate methods to reach consumers through authentic, effective channels. I look forward to working with the whole BIG team to expand BELLAMI’s reach and accelerate our investment in stylist education.

BIG is a trusted partner for category-shaping innovators. It has successfully deployed its multi-channel distribution network in over 165 countries around the world, across 13 market-leading brands. Existing BIG investors, including LCatterton (HGGC), support this transaction.

Avik Paramanik, Partner at LCatterton said that “our research has shown that consumers across all generations are increasingly looking for solutions to their hair problems that offer a unique combination of functional performance, luxury experiences, and broad access across various channels.” We believe that BIG and BELLAMI combined will allow the business to continue offering consumers the best products and services in hair extensions and other areas. LCatterton, and HGGC are happy to continue supporting BIG’s vision of creating one of the most prominent beauty platforms in the world.

BELLAMI’s services and products will be available under the existing brand, which is part of the BIG portfolio. The Company’s headquarters will still remain in Chatsworth.

Harris Williams was the exclusive financial advisor for BELLAMI Hair.

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