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YSL Heels: 5 Shocking Reasons They’re The Best Investment!

A Soleful Introduction

Let’s strut straight into it. Believe it or not, YSL heels are far more than just an accessory. They’re a statement. An epitome of elegance. An investment. Yes, darlings, an investment! We’re not just talking pennies here; a good pair of YSL shoes are a one-way ticket to ‘fashionista city’. Posh, dazzling, and always à la mode, these stiletto maestros sure know their way into a fashion devotee’s heart (and wardrobe!).

Don’t just take my word for it, though! This isn’t about sliding into DMs fashion gossips, no siree! It’s about getting down to the nitty gritty- the leather and laces! Now, clear your runway, your guide to YSL heels is airborne! Cue the spotlight.

Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Pur Couture – # 59 Golden Melon – 3.8g/0.13oz


The Heel in History

Say hello to Yves Saint Laurent- or YSL if you’re into the whole brevity thing. This label, much akin to the origins of gucii sneakers, started quite humbly. Born in 1936, Yves was a prodigious talent, showing a knack for dress design in his early years. His talents soon caught the eyes of none other than the iconic designer, Christian Dior.

After Dior’s untimely death, YSL took the helm of the Dior fashion house before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey. Skim through the pages of history and you’ll discover the score ‘YSL-1, Fashion World-0’.


‘Stilettoing’ The Competition

YSL wasn’t just a dude with a dream; he was an innovator. Think of the now commonplace tux for women- Le Smoking- that’s YSL. If you’re lusting after a plush leather jacket or draping blouse, you can thank Mr. Laurent’s vision too. From Karl Lagerfeld shoes to Lafayette 148, YSL proved to be a revolutionist in the truest sense!

Where other labels were making their mark with every step in gucci slippers or tory burch sneakers, it took a gallant vanguard to take the leap onto the heel. Thanks to Yves, we did!


Countdown of Best Investments

Blink three times if you’ve spent big ones on fleeting trends. Ah, I see quite a few blinks there. Fret not, with YSL, you’re investing in forever. Here’s counting down why:

5. Timeless Design

YSL designs are evergreen. Much like gucci shoes, you’ll never find them catching dust at the back of your closet. Instead, be prepared to turn heads and catch compliments every time you strut in these heels.

4. Premium Quality

When you slide into YSL heels, you step into a legacy of craftsmanship. The quality is as uncompromised as the sparkle in a dior necklace. Quality that lasts, and style that does too!

3. Comfort redefined

YSL heels marry style with comfort. Stilettos or slingback heels, they’re crafted to uphold you confidently with every stride. It’s like they’re whispering- ‘Go ahead, make a statement. I’ve got your back… er, feet!’

2. Wide Selection

YSL offers a smorgasbord of styles. Heels that dazzle at parties or understated elegance for the boardroom, there’s a match for every occasion.

1. Investment Value

Finally, allow me to drop a tidbit from my ponderings on the craigslist sarasota listings. Unlike the depreciating value of most used goods, YSL heels only grow finer with time, much like a bottle of Bordeaux.


Walking Wise

Stepping into the world of YSL is like being invited onto a red carpet, on a regular Tuesday morning. But maintaining this level of fabulousness requires a tad bit of care. A bit of polish paired with a soft cloth can go a long way in keeping the shine alive on your luxury heels. Think of it as the equivalent of keeping those dior necklace tables in mint condition.

The Glittering Statistics

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Did you know YSL has an annual revenue of around $1.66 billion? And a lion’s share of that leads back to the heels. The brand commands respect not just on fashion runways, but also in economic analyses.


Trivia Time!

Did you know the iconic YSL logo was designed by A. M. Cassandre? Or that Yves met his lifelong business partner, Pierre Berge, at a dinner party? Bet you didn’t know YSL was the first living designer to be honoured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a solo show!



The Heels and The Herald

As we wrap up our strut down YSL lane, let’s do a brief recap. We talked about the historical footprints of YSL, the reasons why they are an impeccable investment, and even dipped our toes into the care they demand.

Remember, darling, a pair of highs from YSL aren’t just YSL shoes. They’re a piece of history. A slice of fashion’s finest. A veritable wearable investment. So, hold your head high, your fashion sense higher, and your heels highest!

Don’t just follow the trend – establish it!

Author Credits: Joan A. Wintour.

So, ready to invest in a pair of YSL heels? Give me your thoughts, but remember, no shoe-throwing arguments here, please- unless they’re YSL, of course!

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