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Best Taschen Art Books Reviewed

A Deep Dive into the Illustrious World of Taschen Art Collections

Oh, honey, if you think Taschen is just another publisher, think again. Imagine the fashion world without the little black dress or the art scene sans Picasso – that’s a world without Taschen books for art connoisseurs. A touch of luxe, a dash of editorial genius, and a sprinkle of audacity; that’s the Taschen recipe for success. These aren’t just books; they are tactile treasures, darling!

Born in Cologne, under the visionary eye of father-daughter duo Benedikt and Marlene Taschen, they’ve cultivated an enviable niche. Their books are like the Chanel of print – timeless, sophisticated, and always en vogue. When you walk into a Taschen bookstore, you’re not just browsing; you are embarking on a pilgrimage to the mini cathedrals of book production that have spread their gospel from Paris to Hollywood.

Indulge with me, fashionistas and bibliophiles, as we explore the divine print marvels poised to be the centerpiece of any coffee table worth its surface space.

The Masterpieces of Taschen: An Exclusive Overview

Let’s talk pedigrees, shall we? Much like a Steuben glassware or Hermès scarf, Taschen books have a lineage of unparalleled distinction.

They’re the result of a meticulous courtship between art and publishing. Imagine – experts scouring the globe for visual feasts, while artisans ensure that each page feels like silk between your fingers. It’s a symphony of stunning visuals and erudite essays, offering a richly woven tapestry that tells stories centuries old.

Picture this – a Taschen book open on your mid-century modern coffee table. It’s not just a book; it’s a statement piece, vehemently declaring, “Yes, I understand the true essence of culture and style.”

The World of Ornament

The World of Ornament


“The World of Ornament” is an expansive and comprehensive encyclopedia that celebrates the history of decorative art from around the globe. Spanning a multitude of cultures and time periods, this hardcover book features a rich variety of patterns and designs meticulously gathered from a wide array of traditional and historical sources. Each page bursts with color and detail, providing both inspiration and insight to designers, artists, historians, and anyone fascinated by the aesthetic expressions of human civilization.

With over 600 pages of high-resolution images, “The World of Ornament” lays before the reader an unparalleled visual feast that charts the evolution of ornamentation and its applications through the ages. From the intricate geometric patterns of Islamic art to the lush botanical motifs of the Victorian era, the book traverses through the intricate Celtic knotwork and the delicate scrolls of the Renaissance. The accompanying CD-ROM, containing all the designs featured in the book, allows for easy access to the images, enabling users to incorporate these historic designs into their own creative ventures.

“The World of Ornament” serves not just as a catalog of decorative beauty but also as a scholarly resource, with each chapter providing contextual information on the origins, symbolism, and historical significance of the featured motifs. This tome is an indispensable reference for those interested in the field of design, offering a deep dive into the patterns that have shaped our visual landscape. Moreover, it is a testament to the unending creativity of humankind, preserving centuries of artistic heritage in a form that continues to engage and inspire new generations.

Aspect Detail
Brand Name TASCHEN
Founded 1980s
Founder Benedikt Taschen
Headquarters Cologne, Germany
CEO Marlene Taschen
Product Types Art, Anthropology, Aphrodisia Books
Special Editions Art Editions (include original signed artwork/photo)
Store Locations Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, NYC, Milan, Miami, Hollywood, etc.
Material Excellence Leather (for handbags)
Book Production Known for high-quality book production; referred to as “mini cathedrals to the art of book production”
Bag Measurements Length x Width x Height (excluding handles)
Healthy Bag Weight 5-8% of body weight (7-11 pounds for a 140-pound individual)
Popular Bag Type Crossbody Purse (including saddlebag and bucket bag variants)
Expansion Note Despite the digital age, TASCHEN bookstores continue to expand internationally

Taschen‘s Triumphs: Experiencing Art in Print

What’s hot off the Taschen press, you ask? For starters, imagine flipping through crisp, expansive pages that take you on an aesthete’s journey from the Baroque to Banksy.

  1. The latest collection showcases Modernist marvels alongside Renaissance greats, each book a coveted front-row pass to an exclusive time-traveling exhibit.
  2. The print quality – oh, it’s like Taschen managed to liquify gems and layer it onto paper. Each image pops, demanding your gaze and refusing to let go.
  3. They say don’t judge a book by its cover… unless it’s Taschen. These covers aren’t just covers; they’re gateways – bold, beckoning, bewitching.
  4. Each book finds its unique place in the market, much like how a statement pink jacket gracefully commands attention in a crowd of denim.

    Image 27141

    The Immutable Charm of Taschen Classics

    Classics, sweetie, never go out of fashion. Taschen‘s staples, like “The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen” or “The Archive of Magic: The Film Wizardry of Harry Potter,” aren’t just books. They’re treasures that persist, like a timeless leather handbag waiting to be rediscovered among the passé trends of your closet.

    Why do these marvels stick around?

    • They’re produced with the same commitment to quality as when they first graced the bookstand. Can you say that about your last season’s shoes? I think not.
    • The artists featured? Legends! From Leonardo to Lichtenstein, talking of an era where a swish of a brush spoke a thousand emotions.
    • Their appeal is as eternal as a fine diamond or, in our case, a gripping film that you can watch Little Women 2019 for the umpteenth time and still sob at Beth’s poignancy.
    • The Unveiling of Rare Gems: Unearthed Taschen Treasures

      But wait, there’s more! Beyond the popular hullabaloo lies Taschen‘s cache of rare editions that would make even the most stoic collector’s heart palpitate with desire.

      • We’re pulling back the silk curtains on limited editions, each accompanied by an original piece of art – signed, sealed, and numbered. It’s like owning a twin set of perfection.
      • Niches? Honey, these aren’t just books; they’re vaults of knowledge on esoteric themes you thought only you knew of.
      • And the production – oh, the finesse! It’s as if every page whispers a silent compliment to your discerning choices in art and life.
      • These wonders, darling, are equivalent to the question, How many people Should I invite To My wedding Selective, exclusive, and memorable.

        Plant Magick

        Plant Magick


        Plant Magick is an all-in-one indoor gardening kit that unlocks the secrets of botanical growth with a magical twist. This unique product combines traditional horticulture with a touch of enchantment, designed to help plant enthusiasts of all levels to cultivate their own mystical garden inside their home. The kit includes a selection of mythical seeds such as Moonlight Ferns and Pixie Clovers, a comprehensive spellbook-style guide, and enchanted soil that’s been bewitched to boost plant vitality and growth.

        As users embark on their Plant Magick journey, they’ll discover the kit’s carefully crafted ecosystem that maintains the perfect balance for their plants to thrive. The enchanting soil is infused with natural growth spells and essential nutrients, which guarantees a flourishing garden with minimal effort. The LED growth charm, shaped like an ancient rune, emits a spectrum of light designed to mimic the magical glow of a full moon, encouraging the photosynthesis process even in low-light environments.

        Alongside its mystical features, Plant Magick is committed to sustainability. The packaging is made from recycled materials and the products inside, including potting containers and water spells, are all biodegradable. The guidebook serves not only as an instruction manual but also as an educational tool, teaching users about the history and folklore behind each plant species, making the gardening experience both enchanting and informative. With Plant Magick, you don’t just grow a garden; you cultivate an enchanting haven of greenery that brings a touch of magic into your everyday life.

        Taschen‘s Ingenuity: Pushing Boundaries with Innovative Art Books

        Forward-looking and always a step ahead, Taschen never shies away from innovation. They’re not just selling art books; they’re breaking the very foundation of traditional publishing.

        1. Augmented reality? Check. They’re making Harry Potter’s moving pictures a reality.
        2. Innovative formats that make the Transformer toys look elementary? Double-check.
        3. Interactive elements? Darling, soon enough they’ll have books that pour you a glass of Cabernet. Hyperbole, but you catch my drift.
        4. In a world where uniqueness is often replicated, Taschen’s ingenuity stands as authentic as the voice of Ella Emhoff in the fashion scene.

          Image 27142

          Bringing Art Home: Taschen‘s Affordability and Accessibility

          Now, not everyone can afford to splurge on an Art Edition Taschen, but fret not, my frugal fashionistas – there’s something for us too. Just as you’d find a crossbody purse to be as practical as it is stylish, Taschen curates quality books at a price point that won’t have you cashing in your 401(k).

          • There’s a Taschen for every art lover out there, much like there’s a perfect shade of rouge for every pair of lips.
          • By bridging the gap between luxury and accessibility, they’ve turned page flippers into art appreciators, and isn’t that just magnifique?
          • Charles & Ray Eames , Pioneers of Mid century Modernism

            Charles & Ray Eames , Pioneers of Mid century Modernism


            Tucked into the lush annals of design history, Charles and Ray Eames are seminal figures who left an indelible mark as pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism. Their work spanned a variety of disciplines, including furniture design, architecture, and filmmaking, all underpinned by a philosophy that synthesized functionality with a playful aesthetic. The Eames duo is best known for their groundbreaking contributions to furniture design, where they embraced new materials and techniques to create pieces that were both beautiful and accessible, such as the iconic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, which has become synonymous with the Mid-Century Modern style.

            This product, “Charles & Ray Eames: Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism,” is an immersive compendium that showcases the breadth and depth of the Eameses’ work, pulling back the curtain on their design process and philosophy. Within its pages, readers will find a rich tapestry of sketches, photographs, and narratives that chart their journey from the conceptual stages of their projects to the lasting impact they’ve had on contemporary design. Each section provides an analytical look at their iconic creations, exploring how the pair ingenely blended form and function to produce works that were not just visually appealing but also profoundly influential.

            Essential for both design enthusiasts and professionals, this reference not only delves into the Eameses’ famous furniture pieces, but also their lesser-known projects, like their innovative exhibition design and pioneering multimedia installations. It includes thoughtful essays and critiques from prominent designers and historians, offering an insight into how Charles and Ray Eames transcended the role of designers to become cultural innovators. As an inspirational guide or educational resource, “Charles & Ray Eames: Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism” is a stunning tribute to two of the most creative minds of the 20th century, capturing their enduring legacy in the world of design.

            The Taschen Effect: How These Art Books Influence Visual Culture

            Let’s get real; Taschen books aren’t just shaping our shelves – they’re sculpting visual culture.

            • They’re not just influencing; they’re dictating interior design trends faster than you can say “mid-century modern with a twist.”
            • Aspiring artists? Taschen books are their silent mentors, whispering the secrets of the masters, one leafed page at a time.
            • And for us, the humble admirers, these books are subtly refining our tastes, teaching us to discern a Basquiat from a Banksy.
            • Just as a musician influences the beats to which we sway, Taschen educates us on the visuals we savor and share.

              Image 27143

              Final Impressions: The Sustainable Beauty of Taschen‘s Artistic Library

              Confession time – I’m smitten. Taschen‘s art books are as delectable as they are durable. They’ve transcended the mere label of ‘books’ and have rightfully become cultural artifacts.

              • We’re not ending on some flimsy ‘happily ever after,’ dears. This is a grand crescendo that encapsulates the essence of Taschen – a comet trail blazing across the art landscape.
              • The ongoing appeal? It’s like asking why we still swoon over “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – it’s timeless, it’s eternally stylish, and above all, it’s Taschen.
              • These books enrich our dialogues, spark our imaginations, and fill our homes with a taste of immortality in print.
              • So go on, wrap your manicured fingers around a Taschen book, my darlings. Trust me; it’s the chicest arm candy you’ll be flaunting this season.




                Title: Witchcraft

                Immerse yourself in the ancient and mystical world of Witchcraft, a fascinating realm where the esoteric meets the practical and where secrets of the old ways are unlocked. This captivating guide is designed for those who feel a connection to the magical and seek to understand the forces that weave through all of creation. It dives deeply into the traditions, spells, and rituals that have been passed down through the ages, empowering readers with the knowledge to harness the elements and energies that pervade our universe. Crafted with both beginners and seasoned practitioners in mind, each page is a stepping stone on a journey towards mastering the art of the witch.

                Within the chapters of Witchcraft, you will discover the rich history that has shaped the practice throughout various cultures and times. The book highlights the significance of the moon phases, the importance of sacred spaces, and the use of herbs and crystals for creating powerful spells and potions. Each sentence is imbued with respect for nature and the understanding that magic is a natural extension of the will, interlaced within the tapestry of life. Seasoned with wisdom from expert witches, this guide serves as a comprehensive source for spellcasting, divination, and harnessing your innate magical potential.

                Witchcraft isn’t just a manual; it’s a treasure trove of lore and a workbook for personal transformation. As you progress through its pages, you will be introduced to exercises and meditations designed to refine your intuition and amplify your magical abilities. The book encourages ethical considerations and personal growth, ensuring that the powers awakened are wielded wisely and with harm to none. Witchcraft is the key to unlocking a world of wonder, deeply connecting you with the rhythm of the earth and the whispers of the unseen.

                Why is Taschen so popular?

                Whoops! Looks like a glitch in the matrix with a few questions sneaking in twice—let’s tackle each unique one with zest and zeal.

                Why are Taschen books so expensive?

                Why is Taschen so popular?
                Well, blow me down, Taschen has a knack for making eyeballs pop with their stunning art books! Its popularity stems from the combo platter of daring subjects and dazzling visuals. Not just for bookworms, they’re conversation starters that look like a million bucks on any coffee table.

                Is Taschen a German company?

                Why are Taschen books so expensive?
                Ouch, your wallet might feel a tad lighter with a Taschen! These beauties command top dollar ’cause they’re art pieces in their own right—killer layouts, pristine printing, and often limited editions. It’s like you’re buying a slice of a museum!

                Is Taschen a publisher?

                Is Taschen a German company?
                Spot on, mate! Taschen, the high-flying publisher with a taste for the finer things in print, hails from the land of bratwurst and brews—Germany.

                What is the quality of a Taschen book?

                Is Taschen a publisher?
                You bet! Taschen’s not just a flash name; they’re a bona fide publisher churning out some of the niftiest, glossiest books this side of the Milky Way.

                What are Europe’s biggest bookstores?

                What is the quality of a Taschen book?
                Talk about top-shelf! Cracking open a Taschen book is like stepping into a swanky penthouse. These tomes are luxe incarnate with crisp print, sumptuous paper, and bindings that scream “hold me forever!”

                What is the most expensive library in the world?

                What are Europe’s biggest bookstores?
                Ah, Europe’s packed to the rafters with mammoth book havens. Stroll through the doors of places like Waterstones Piccadilly in London, El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires, or the Rizzoli Bookstore in Italy and get lost in a sea of pages.

                What was the most expensive book called?

                What is the most expensive library in the world?
                Whoa, prepare for sticker shock! The most expensive library is none other than the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, with its cathedral of books vibe—it’s like walking into a book lover’s fantasy!

                Why are books so expensive in Germany?

                What was the most expensive book called?
                Hold onto your hats—hearing this might make you faint! The Codex Leicester, scribbled by none other than da Vinci himself, snagged a price tag that’ll make your head spin: over 30 million smackers!

                Who is the CEO of TASCHEN Books?

                Why are books so expensive in Germany?
                Blimey, it’s enough to make you grip your wallet tight, but books in Germany come with a fixed price tag by law. This means no cut-throat discounts, and publishers set prices that protect their bookshops and culture.

                How do you pitch a book to TASCHEN?

                Who is the CEO of TASCHEN Books?
                Running the Taschen show is Benedikt Taschen, the head honcho and CEO since the ’80s. He’s the wizard behind the curtain, making the publishing magic happen.

                Who is the CEO of TASCHEN?

                How do you pitch a book to TASCHEN?
                If you’ve got a manuscript itching for that Taschen touch, you’d better bring your A-game! Cook up a proposal that’s as tantalizing as a fresh tray of pastries—original, spicy, and downright irresistible. Then, send it straight to their submissions department and cross your fingers!

                What is the genre of the Taschen?

                What is the genre of the Taschen?
                Taschen’s bookshelf is like a candy store for the eyes—they’ve got a smorgasbord ranging from art and design to photography, pop culture, and beyond. Name a genre, and they probably have it with pizzazz!

                What is the revenue of Taschen?

                What is the revenue of Taschen?
                Talking numbers, Taschen’s revenue is hush-hush—but with the bling they’re packing in their glossy pages, it’s no penny-ante operation. Think high rollers!

                Where does Taschen publish?

                Where does Taschen publish?
                Taschen flings its magic from LA to Cologne, with sprinkles all over the globe. They’re international baby, publishing in no less than a whopping 20 languages!

                Why are Spanish books so expensive?

                Why are Spanish books so expensive?
                Bueno, Spanish books often don’t run off the presses in mega batches, which cranks up production costs. Plus, taxes and book laws keep prices firmer than a matador’s stance.

                Where did popular bookstore come from?

                Where did popular bookstore come from?
                Birthed in the bustling Lion City—Singapore—back in 1936, Popular Bookstore has become the go-to spot for book lovers scouring for reads in South East Asia.

                When were miniature books popular?

                When were miniature books popular?
                Lilliputians unite! Miniature books had folks cooing over their cuteness back in the 19th century, perfect for slipping into a pocket or being toted around by fashionable folks and smarty-pants alike.

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