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7 Shocking Facts About Here Lies Love

Darlings, tighten your Clogs For Women because the tale I’m about to spin will have you disco-dancing through history with a touch of political scandal on the side. We’re delving deep into the heart of “Here Lies Love,” a musical maelstrom that set Broadway ablaze and whose flame has just been extinguished.

The Origins and Evolution of “Here Lies Love”

Like a Sopwith camel spiraling into a dazzling maneuver, “Here Lies Love” took flight through the creative genius of David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. These two mavens of music concocted a revolutionary concept album with a shimmer of the theatrical, telling the story of Imelda Marcos’s meteoric rise and calamitous descent.

“Oh, but what’s in a name?” I hear you cry! Well, sweethearts, “Here Lies Love” resonates with a haunt from Imelda’s desire for these words to grace her epitaph. As fate would unfold, this curious wish wrapped itself around the narrative, draping a lavish yet poignant cloak over the production.

Here Lies Love (Remaster)

Here Lies Love (Remaster)


Here Lies Love (Remaster) is a revitalized version of the original, critically acclaimed album that presents a unique fusion of genres and storytelling. This remastered edition breathes new life into the project with enhanced audio quality, ensuring that every beat, melody, and vocal performance is heard with crystal clear clarity. It features the complete tracklist from the initial release, revamped with modern technology to bring the intricacies of the soundscape to the forefront. The collaboration between the legendary musical talents involved in the project is now more electrifying than ever, offering listeners an immersive auditory experience.

The remaster boasts not only superior sound but also includes exclusive bonus content that adds depth to the original concept. Fans of the first release will be delighted to discover rare demo tracks, previously unreleased remixes, and intimate acoustic versions of fan-favorites. Each additional piece provides a new perspective on the narrative woven throughout the album, giving die-hard enthusiasts and new listeners alike a comprehensive look at the creative process. Moreover, the remastered edition offers an updated booklet with behind-the-scenes photographs and liner notes, further enriching the listening journey.

Here Lies Love (Remaster) is presented in a beautifully crafted package, designed to be a collectors item for music aficionados. The visually stunning artwork has been retouched and expanded, matching the audio’s upgrade in both elegance and impact. Whether it’s for the audiophile looking for a sonic masterpiece or the art lover in search of a visually appealing piece, this remaster hits every mark. It stands as a testament to the timeless nature of the original work, ensuring that this innovative musical narrative will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

The Immersive Theatre Experience Redefined

Imagine, if you will, a theatre where the Evel Knievels of the stage redefine the experience. The stage set-up for “Here Lies Love” was anything but conventional. A gyrating disco arena where the glitz mirrored not merely the lights but also the evocative engagement of the audience.

The creators threw us head-first into this immersive glitter-ball of an environment. It was their intention for us to not just see history unfold but to feel the pulse of the Philippines’ past beating in a rhythmic dance of power and resistance.

Image 43255

Category Information
Title Here Lies Love
Concept Disco-driven bio-musical
Creators David Byrne and Fatboy Slim
Focus The rise and fall of Imelda Marcos and the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines
Notable Features Creative staging, engaging songs, visual spectacle
Audience Reception Positive for creativity, negative for those preferring traditional staging
Historical Context Reflects the transformation of Imelda Marcos from a pageant star to a symbol of excess
Controversy Plan to perform to only pre-recorded tracks opposed by American Federation of Musicians
Broadway Run April to November, 2023 (33 previews and 149 regular performances)
Closing Date November 26, 2023
Reason for Closure Lackluster ticket sales
Recommended For Fans of history, creative production, disco music
Not Recommended For Those seeking traditional musicals, more low-energy performances
Unique Aspect The show is visually one of the most intriguing shows seen by some viewers

The Surprising Political Impact of the Musical

Oh, the conversations that flowed like a bank Of america Heloc rates cascade. “Here Lies Love” was no coy maiden; instead, it was a vortex that pulled viewers into the eye of a political storm. From discussions on the excesses of the Marcos regime to the undercurrents of Filipino history, it became a living room of debate.

The streets buzzed with whispers and roars, as critics and theatergoers alike delved into discussions about the abuse of power and its garish exhibition. Every performance seemed to peel back a layer of political understanding, unleashing a wave of discourse that rippled beyond the theater’s walls.

From Concept Album to Cultural Phenomenon

Once a concept album, “Here Lies Love” sashayed onto the stage, fluttering its eyelashes at Broadway. It became off-Broadway’s darling, an international sensation, with a string of accolades hanging from its neck like so many Gigi Hadid And Zayn malik headlines in a love-struck tabloid.

Let’s not skirt around it—fan fervor was akin to Beatlemania, and the critics’ pens were all aflutter, scribbling praises that could fill novels. It earned its spotlight with the glitter of awards and the glint of acclaim, yet as quickly as it rose, so too did it descend. This November saw curtains close on “Here Lies Love” despite the chorus of encores in its wake.

Here Lies Love Original Cast Recording

Here Lies Love Original Cast Recording


“Here Lies Love” Original Cast Recording is a riveting musical journey, immortalized through the eclectic and pulsating sounds that give life to this concept album and theatrical masterpiece. The brainchild of David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, this album is a unique blend of disco beats, powerful lyrics, and lush orchestrations, seamlessly interwoven to tell the fascinating story of Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines. Each track is passionately performed by the original cast, whose emotional depth and vocal prowess breathe authenticity into this enthralling tale of power, passion, and political upheaval.

Listeners are swept away into a world where history meets contemporary beats, as the vivid storytelling captures the essence of Imelda Marcos’ rise and subsequent fall from grace. The album boasts an energetic and diverse lineup of performers who embody their characters with such genuine emotion, ensuring audiences feel every triumph and tragedy that unfolds. It’s a musical panorama that encapsulates the glamour and tragedy of Marcos’ life, delivered through a mix of genres that keeps the narrative fresh and exhilarating from beginning to end.

As a memento for those who’ve witnessed the production live, or an introduction to those yet to experience its magic, “Here Lies Love” Original Cast Recording is a vital addition to any musical theater aficionado’s collection. The soundtrack serves as an engaging stand-alone experience, inviting listeners to dance and reflect in equal measure. Each spin of this vibrant recording reveals new layers of musical intricacy and storytelling might, proving it to be an enduring testament to the transformative power of art and history.

The Star-Studded Cast Behind the Curtain

A roll call behind the curtain reads like a Lorene Scafaria ensemble cast. The luminaries who embodied the likes of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos did not tread lightly. The stage was their colosseum, and they, the gladiators, fought to bring truth and spirit to figures ensconced in notoriety.

Speaking of duets, these stars faced the music with valiance—balancing historical credibility with the allure of the footlights. To dance in Imelda’s shoes was to walk a tightrope of empathy and critique, a challenge met with the poise of a prima ballerina and the grit of a revolutionary.

Image 43256

The Influence of “Here Lies Love” on Contemporary Music and Theatre

Let’s not underestimate the seismic jolt “Here Lies Love” delivered to the theater world. Its blend of musical flavors set tongues wagging and ears tingling. This production broke the mold, birthing a craving for the interactive, the tactile essence of story-consuming.

Music moguls and impresarios alike took cues from this spectacle, realizing that their audiences yearned not only to watch but to participate—to be lost and found in the embrace of performance. The longing for immersive entertainment spiked like a fever, echoing the heartbeat of “Here Lies Love.”

Technology Meets Tradition: The A/V Extravaganza

All the gadgetry and wizardry of our beloved Tech Age found harmony with tradition on stage. Here Lies Love” wielded a technical arsenal to bewitch the senses—advanced sound systems that carried every nuance, lighting that painted emotions, and projections that cast illusions like enchantments.

Yet, in its final act, the decision to shift towards pre-recorded tracks was met with a cymbal clash of opposition from the American Federation of Musicians. Despite this, each element converged in a tapestry of sight and sound, embroidering the grand narrative in a vibrant display of artistry.

Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love


Here Lies Love is an extraordinary multi-media experience that combines the thrill of live music with the emotional punch of a deeply immersive theatrical show. Created by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, this unique production explores the life of Imelda Marcos, the controversial former First Lady of the Philippines, through a stunning spectacle of song and dance. The audience is transported through a vibrant and fast-paced journey that follows Marcos’s rise and fall, using pulsating club beats and dynamic visuals to depict the complexities of her character and era.

Unlike traditional theater settings, Here Lies Love breaks the fourth wall with an innovative staging concept where the audience is encouraged to move with the performers, as if they were part of a club scene. This fluid environment allows the viewers to be an integral part of the narrative, blurring the lines between actors and audience. Each performance is an interactive and unforgettable experience, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same, as participants shape the events unfolding before them.

The music, a pivotal component of the show, is an electrifying mix of electronic dance music and heartfelt ballads, capturing the glamour and tumult of Marcos’s life. Here Lies Love’s soundtrack resonates with audiences long after the curtain falls, having earned critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Whether it’s for the history buffs, theater enthusiasts, or dance lovers, Here Lies Love offers a unique experience that challenges the conventions of storytelling and performance art.


To merely call “Here Lies Love” entertainment would be a gross understatement. It was, is, and will remain a magnifying glass—casting light on truths historical and personal. As we speculate on its legacy and the gilded future awaiting immersive theatre experiences, we must acknowledge that this show didn’t just leave footprints; it embossed them in gold.

And so, as the curtain falls on its effervescent run, we take with us the swirl of skirts, the clash of power, and the lustre of a story that dared to dance itself right off the stage. See it if: you revel in a gambol through creative stages and engaging songs, if history and disco quicken your pulse; don’t see it if: your theatre tastes favor the somber, the traditional, the low-energy.

Image 43257

In this paradox of love and power, we’ve seen “Here Lies Love” transform from a marquee name into a cultural touchstone—embossed indelibly on the heart of Broadway and beyond.

The Soul-Stirring Secrets Behind ‘Here Lies Love’

Boy, do we have a treat for you today! Strap in as we dish out some juicy tidbits about the phenomenal musical experience that is ‘Here Lies Love’. You think you know the story, but these revelations are going to knock your socks off—guaranteed.

The Rock Legacy Connection

First off, let’s talk about a rock legend’s hidden influence, shall we? Did you know that ‘Here Lies Love’ has indirect ties to hair-raising guitar riffs and head-banging anthems? Yeah, you heard that right. It’s like saying the heart-pumping beats of the musical can be traced back to a god of rock ‘n’ roll— none other than the legendary Malcolm Young of AC/DC. No, they’re not blaring “Back in Black” in the aisles, but the musical’s intricate production values and commitment to music excellence sure echo the intensity of a Malcolm Young performance. Rock on!

A Star-Studded Affair

Hold onto your seats, ’cause this next one’s a doozy. Imagine sitting in the audience, absorbed in the emotion of ‘Here Lies Love’, and who do you see on stage? None other than Millie Bobby Brown! Alright, let’s not get our wires crossed—Millie isn’t exactly belting out tunes onstage (yet!), but her meteoric rise to stardom and engagement to quirky characters onscreen is pretty much like the dramatic twists and turns in the narrative of ‘Here Lies Love’. From eerie encounters in Hawkins to being engaged to the spotlight, Millie Bobby Brown’s life could practically be its own musical saga!

A Colorful Tale

Ever watch a theater show and think, “Wow, this is as vibrant as a cat’s mood ring”? Yeah, neither have we, but if any show could pull off such a chromatic spectacle, it’d be ‘Here Lies Love’. The visual storytelling isn’t just powerful—it’s like a chameleon shifting through the pretty litter colors of dramatic themes and historical nuances. Talk about capturing the whole spectrum of emotions!


Whew! What a rollercoaster we’ve been on, huh? ‘Here Lies Love’ isn’t just a musical, folks—it’s a treasure trove of connections and color that keeps you at the edge of your seat. From the echoes of a rock legend to the star power worthy of Hollywood and a visual feast that could rival the kaleidoscopic changes in a litter box, this show has it all. Don’t just take our word for it—catch these revelations in action and tell us they didn’t just blow your mind!

Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love


“Here Lies Love” is an enthralling board game designed to captivate the hearts of classic romance and drama enthusiasts. This immersive game beckons 3-6 players to enter a world of love, heartbreak, and passion through beautifully illustrated cards and intricate storytelling elements. Set in an alternate historical era, the game’s setting is a lavish Victorian landscape where players vie for the affection of a high-society darling by earning points through poetic gestures, secret correspondences, and daring escapades. Each player adopts a unique character with their own backstory and objectives, striving to navigate the social labyrinth that can lead to their ultimate goal: an engagement sealed with true love.

In “Here Lies Love,” strategy intertwines with chance as participants draw from a deck of Fate Cards, with each card triggering potential twists in their romantic pursuits. The game pieces and tokens exude elegance, from the heart-shaped affection counters to the miniature rose bouquets that signify a budding romance. Emotional depth is injected into gameplay through challenge cards, which require players to make pivotal choices that could elevate their status or result in a tearful scandal. As the hands of the clock mark the end of the courtship period, only the most cunning and charismatic player will have secured their place in the affections of the sought-after beau or belle.

Not simply a game but an experience, “Here Lies Love” is complemented by an evocative soundtrack that players are encouraged to immerse themselves in while they craft their love story. The rulebook doubles as a novella, providing an enriching narrative context that breathes life into the characters and their desires. The game is designed to be replayable, with multiple endings ensuring that no two playthroughs are alike, offering a fresh romance to unfold with each game. “Here Lies Love” is the perfect centerpiece for any game night, providing a stage for friends to indulge in their love of drama, negotiation, and the timeless art of romance.

What is the controversy with Here Lies Love musical?

Hold onto your seats, ’cause “Here Lies Love” has kicked up a storm, folks! The controversy? Oh, you bet – the production dropped a bombshell plan to ditch live musicians for pre-recorded jams. Can you even imagine? A Broadway first that the musicians’ union was having none of, and they put their foot down hard. It’s the kind of twist you can’t make up!

Is Here Lies Love worth seeing?

Well, well, well, if you’re all about that funky, creative vibe and get a kick out of songs that stick, “Here Lies Love” could be your jam! It’s got visuals that’ll knock your socks off – seriously, talk about eye candy! But hey, if you’re hankering for a chill, classic night at the theatre, this might not be your cup of tea. It’s all high-octane energy and off-the-beaten-track staging here!

What is the story behind Here Lies Love?

“Here Lies Love” is no snooze-fest story, that’s for sure— it’s a disco-infused ride through history, all about the jaw-dropping climb and crash of the Marcos regime in the Philippines. Picture Imelda Marcos, going from beauty queen to the poster girl for luxury gone wild, and you’ve got the essence. Just try to keep your feet still!

Why is Here Lies Love closing on Broadway?

Oh, the drama! “Here Lies Love” is taking a bow and closing up shop on Broadway – not by choice, mind you. Despite razzle-dazzle and disco balls, ticket sales just weren’t boogieing, leading to a curtain call on Nov. 26 after a flurry of 33 previews and 149 regular shows. It’s a tough break, and Broadway’s gonna be a smidge less glittery without it.

Does Here Lies Love glorify Marcos?

Yikes, touchy subject! “Here Lies Love” turns the spotlight on Imelda Marcos, alright, but don’t go thinking it’s a tribute act. This show, it’s more like a mirror – reflecting the glitz and the gloom of her reign. You’ve gotta see it to believe it and make up your own mind; does it glorify or tell it like it was? That’s your call!

What does Imelda think of Here Lies Love?

Imelda Marcos and “Here Lies Love”? Well, that’s a head-scratcher. The musical gives us the skinny on her life, all the disco and despot vibes included, but whether Imelda’s given it two thumbs up or a scowl? That’s kept on the DL. We’d all love to know if she’s tapping her toes or shaking her head at the portrayal.

How is Here Lies Love doing on Broadway?

As of the latest chatter, “Here Lies Love” was struggling to keep those Broadway lights shining bright. Despite the buzz and a disco ball’s worth of fanfare, the show just couldn’t fill enough seats. It’s a bit of a heartbreaker, with the final curtain call set for a Sunday matinee on Nov. 26, after an impressive effort to woo the crowds.

What is Here Lies Love about on Broadway?

“Here Lies Love” on Broadway is a whirlwind of disco beats telling the tale of Imelda Marcos, spiraling from her pageant days to her lavish life in power. It’s not just a musical; it’s a full-throttle party mixed with a history lesson—sure to get your head spinning and feet moving!

Is Here Lies Love appropriate for kids?

Parents, listen up! “Here Lies Love” might throw you for a loop; it’s packed with disco and political drama, and while the beats are catchy, the story’s got mature themes galore. So, it’s best for the kiddos to sit this one out. Think PG-13, with history in the mix.

What happened to Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos?

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, once the talk of the town in the Philippines, ended up in a real pickle. After years of living it up in power, they were given the boot in 1986—exiled big time. It was a case of bye-bye palace, hello ‘not-so-happy-ever-after’ when an uprising called the People Power Revolution sent them packing.

Why did David Byrne make Here Lies Love?

David Byrne, oh, he’s always full of surprises! He cooked up “Here Lies Love” because he’s got a thing for beats and stories that make you think. It’s like he reached into history, pulled out the disco fever era of the Marcoses, and said, “Let’s put that onstage and see what happens.” And boy, did he make waves!

How long does Here Lies Love last?

If you’re planning your evening around “Here Lies Love,” clock it at about 90 minutes, give or take. No intermission, folks—just straight-up, non-stop showtime. So, you know, maybe hit the restroom beforehand, ’cause this is one ride you won’t want to jump off.

How long did here lies love run on Broadway?

From the buzz to the Broadway blues, “Here Lies Love” had a run that made some noise alright. After 33 previews that had tongues wagging, it went full throttle for 149 performances before taking its final bow. It was a glitzy blitz, but like all shows, it had to face the final curtain.

What Broadway show is closing in 2023?

Oh, the times they are a-changin’ on the Great White Way! “Here Lies Love” is the talk of the town, stealin’ the spotlight with its final show closing in 2023. It’s been a real ride, with enough disco and drama to last a lifetime, but the curtain’s falling on this one—Sunday matinee, Nov 26, to be exact.

Which musical is closing after 35 years on Broadway?

After an epic 35 years, the chandelier’s coming down, and those operatic notes are about to fade – “The Phantom of the Opera” is taking its final, dramatic bow on Broadway. It’s the end of an era for this beloved spectacle, but oh, what a run it’s had!

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