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A comprehensive approach to recruiting and developing diverse STEM talent

Winds of Change magazine has named Stellantis to its 2022 top 50 list of companies that offer career and development opportunities for Indigenous STEM professionals in North America.

Stellantis was also on the leadership list for 2020 and 2021.

Winds of Change magazine, published by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society is a national non-profit organization that focuses on “substantially increasing representation of Indigenous peoples of North America within STEM studies and careers.”

Lottie Holland (Director – Diversity, Inclusion and EEO Compliance, Stellantis – North America) stated that “Our commitment is to recruiting and developing diverse talents is central to our company strategy to design innovative products which delight and inspire and customers.” We are particularly proud of the ICON Business Resource Group, which has helped to enhance our company’s reputation for being a strong destination for skilled Indigenous technical professionals as well as spreading awareness about Native cultures throughout the company.

A comprehensive approach to recruiting and developing diverse STEM talent

ICON (Indigenous Cultural Opportunity Network), one of eleven employee-directed Business Resource Groups at the company, supports networking, career development, and community service.

These groups support the company’s efforts in attracting diverse talent, pursuing strategic projects within the company, and the community, as well as promoting awareness of cultural differences among employees.

ICON members and their allies can benefit from programs that are open to all employees who want to learn about Native cultures. The program includes workshops in basket weaving and beading, book club discussions about Indigenous topics and books written by Indigenous authors, management of a native plant nursery at the company’s Auburn Hills compound, and wellness activities that support charitable giving to Native causes.

Kaitlyn Mulkey (Jeep brand tribal relations), president of ICON Business Resource Group, and citizen of the Navajo Nation said, “We are proud that our company has consistently been recognized for supporting a workplace culture that is respectful, inclusive of Indigenous people.” “This is a remarkable acknowledgment of our company’s achievements in recruiting, retaining and adapting diverse technical talent and to be relevant for indigenous employees, communities, and customers.”

A comprehensive approach to recruiting and developing diverse STEM talent

Stellantis has launched two new leadership programs that are focused on developing Black and multi-cultural employees to be leaders in the future.

The programs are called BLAC and LEAD (Black Leaders Advancement Collective). They are modeled on the award-winning Women’s Leadership Experience program for women with high potential.

In the spring issue, you will find the Winds of Change 2022 Top 50 Company List.

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