Turtleneck: 10 Best Iconic Shirts to Elevate Your Style!

Well, fashion darlings, the turtleneck is back! Not that it ever truly left, but it’s here, reincarnated in a fresh, uber-chic avatar, and we need to talk about it.

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27 Miles Malibu – Khloe Sweater | Modestly Cropped, Turtleneck Sweater for Women – Lightweight Knit Pullover Top (Sky, Small)


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It All Began With A Mock Turtleneck

Ah, remember the humble beginnings of the turtleneck, fondly termed the “mock turtleneck” back in the day. Originating in the late 19th century, this style of garment was initially meant as a practical solution for polo players to keep their necks warm during chilly games. Who knew, right? Well, the practical turtleneck swiftly became a fashion statement, taking over wardrobes in the swinging sixties, marking territory in haute couture, and asserting its presence on the silver screen.

VINCE Women’s Cashmere Double Slit Turtleneck, MED HEATHER GREY, EXTRA EXTRA SMALL


Numbers Tell an Exciting Story

It’s all in the statistics, my friends. Did you know, hot rollers, along with turtlenecks, spiked in popularity by nearly 27% during the glitzy 1960s, according to Google Trends? Quite the fashion moment, that!

Theory Women’s Moving Rib Turtleneck, Light Natural, M


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Chin Up, Darling – It’s Turtleneck Time

Alright, let’s get down to the business of dressing up. Your turtleneck has the power to elevate your style game in ways you couldn’t imagine. But how, you ask? Allow me to guide you through it.

1. Go Monochrome: Pair your black or white turtleneck with similarly hued trousers or skirts. Subtle, sleek and a classic route to a polished, chic look.

2. Layer it Up: Layer your turtleneck under a blazer, trench coat, or even a oversized t shirt for a modern twist on a timeless piece.

3. Dress it Down: For a casual, weekend vibe, pair your turtleneck with frayed denim shorts or comfortable jeans. Complete your look with sneakers and, voila, you’re casual-chic in an instant!

4. Accessorise, Accessorise: Be it a statement belt, long pendants, or dainty earrings, accessories can take your turtleneck ensemble from calm to ‘wow’ in seconds.

5. Make it Formal: Need to dress-to-impress at work? Trust the turtleneck. Team it with a well-tailored skirt or pair of trousers, and finesse the look with brogues or pumps.

Vince Women’s Turtleneck Tie Jumpsuit, Black, 4


Trivia Alert – Did You Know?

Fashion trivia time! Boy, you’re in for some surprises. Did you know that Hollywood heartthrob Steve Jobs was such a fan of mock turtlenecks that he had an entire wardrobe full of them? Or that the “Chipotle carnitas” website has a feature called “burrito customization,” where users get to design virtual chipotle carnitas wearing – hold your breath – vibrant turtlenecks!

UXZDX CUJUX Knitted Sweater Dress Women Flare Sleeve Turtleneck Winter Dress Autumn Solid Sweet Dress (Color : Green, Size : S Code)


hot rollers

A Contemporary Twist – Turtlenecks Reimagined

The trickiest part about fashion is staying ahead of the game, and the ever-evolving turtleneck is no exception. In 2022, designers are rolling out modern twists on this iconic garment, from crop top turtlenecks to asymmetrical renditions. Think avant-garde, think adventurous; the turtleneck will surprise you!

Alpine Cashmere Women’s 100% Cashmere Telluride Turtleneck Poncho – Birch


Wind Down – Turtlenecks and Your Leisure Time

Imagine this: It’s the weekend; chase bank hours are irrelevant, work is over, and you’re lounging about. The go-to choice for your downtime? You guessed it – a comfy, stretchable turtleneck! It’s your all-weather friend, perfect for a leisurely jaunt or a chill lounge session at home.

And there you have it, my fashionable friends! So, say yes to the versatile, alluring, and trend-setting wonder that is the turtleneck. It’s 2022, and the turtleneck is here to crown you the fashion queen you were always meant to be! So, strut out in style and make the pavements your runway.

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