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Toyota GR Supra adds manual transmission and enhanced drive dynamics for 2023

The GR Supra has captured the spirit and joy of TOYOTA GAZOO racing since its 2019 launch. It now features a six-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT) for 2023. It could be the Supra that drivers have been waiting for.

Toyota GR Supra Adds Manual Transmission and Enhanced Drive Dynamics for 2023

This development was not a simple matter of using an off-the-shelf solution, as is true for the GR Supra’s thoroughbred engineering qualities. Engineers created a manual transmission for GR Supra with components specifically designed to match the power and torque characteristics of its 3.0-liter, 382 horsepower engine. The GR Supra’s braking and suspension systems have been tuned for improved performance. These changes are being made throughout the model range.

The manual transmission will be an option on the Supra 3.0 Premium, and a limited edition A91-MT Edition model will be made for the model year 2023. The MT 3.0 Premium and MT 3.0 Premium will be available in all the standard Supra colors, plus a Stratosphere Blue color. This color will also be available for Supra 2.0. The A91-MT Edition will come in Matte White or CU Later Gray. Prices for the 2023 GR Supra MT versions of the A91-MT Edition will be announced in the summer. Models will also be available at Toyota dealerships this year.

Manual Transmission for Supra Power

It is available on the 3.0, 3.0 premium, and limited edition A91-MT Edition models. The manual transmission in the GR Supra was specifically designed and tuned to work with the straight-six engine of the coupe.

Toyota GR Supra Adds Manual Transmission and Enhanced Drive Dynamics for 2023

An existing transmission housing, driveshaft, and gear set were modified by the engineering team. They also removed unnecessary elements, such as an acoustic pack, which helped reduce weight. The transmission’s heart is a large-diameter clutch that features a reinforced diaphragm Spring. This new component is suitable for high-torque engines such as the GR Supra. It has a greater friction area and a stronger spring.

The new software has been added to the 6-speed manual gearbox. It also includes an intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT), which is programmed with sporty performance in mind. The parameters of the 6-speed manual gearbox are optimized to maximize engine torque at the moment when the clutch is engaged and released. For downshifts, the software has been refined for consistent performance. The default setting is iMT, but the driver can switch it off in Sport mode if they prefer.

The final drive ratio was reduced from 3.15 in the GR Supra auto to 3.46 in the GR Supra MT. This is to avoid a slow take-off and low in-gear acceleration. This results in a sports car-like response and gearing.

A manual shifter was also considered. To reduce the effort required to shift and engage reverse gear, the lever ratio was designed. The 200g gear knob’s weight and shape, as well as the quality of shift engagement, were all precisely determined. The console unit and position for the drive mode selector were also adjusted to allow for a 1.7-inch clearance between the shift knobs and the control panel.

TOYOTAGAZOO Racing: #savethemanual

The GR Supra was Toyota’s first global GAZOO Racing model (GR), and President AkioToyoda’s dream to create a car that is purely about driving pleasure.

Toyota GR Supra Adds Manual Transmission and Enhanced Drive Dynamics for 2023

The introduction of global models like the GR Yaris or last year’s arrival of the GR86 coupe has further strengthened the special characteristics that make up the GR brand. These cars are driven by a passion and draw on the experience and expertise of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, which has won numerous world championships.

The 2020 GR Supra came with a straight-six 3.0-liter engine producing 335 hp/365 lb. ft. of torque and matched with an eight-speed auto transmission. The GR team raised the 3.0 Supra’s horsepower to 382 hp, and 367 lb. ft. of torque. In 2021 they introduced a turbocharged four-cylinder GR Supra 2.0 that produces 255 horsepower and 295 lb. ft. torque.

The car’s performance and praise have been widely praised by media and fans around the world. However, the question of whether a manual transmission would be made available remained. It’s official: Toyota will now offer a manual transmission option for the Supra. This option is standard on the upcoming GR Corolla, and an option on GR86.

Tuned to Traction, Stability, and Agility

The GR Supra’s traction, braking, and acceleration have been optimized to be used with a manual transmission.

Toyota GR Supra Adds Manual Transmission and Enhanced Drive Dynamics for 2023

An automatic can be used to pull away uphill in second gear if the opposite wheels are on different surfaces. This is useful for when the car is parked on partially icy roads. The progress is smooth and there is no wheel slip or rolling back. A manual gearbox requires that you use the first gear and that you release the clutch to avoid wheel spin. Toyota engineers designed the car’s TRAction Control system (TRAC), to solve this problem. It is smoother than an automatic. This system was optimized to take advantage of the GR Supra’s high engine torque, large tires, and rear-wheel drive.

Toyota’s “Fun to Drive” quality is based on the car’s behavior when it accelerates out of a corner. The traction control was again the main focus for the manual version to provide the perfect balance between agility and stability as the car exits a corner. TRAC intervention was calibrated to maintain stability. This ensures that the car follows the driver’s line while still allowing for the right amount of power to provide a sporty experience.

A new Hairpin+ function was created to make driving the GR Supra more enjoyable in even the most challenging situations. This function allows for more freedom and reward on tight bends with an uphill gradient of greater than 5%. These routes can be more enjoyable to drive if there is more “freewheel” spin. Toyota optimized its engine torque control to allow for a greater variation in wheel spin between the right- and left-side tires.

An Anti-Roll Program (ARP), has been implemented for both manual and automatic versions. It is designed to counter “snap-off”, which can be difficult to control with the vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Control. This program intervenes earlier with the VSC to protect against sudden loss of grip due to the car’s high response suspension setting.

Track mode allows for drifting and full throttle control. Specific engine and torque controls ensure that the vehicle is agile but less likely to spin.

Special Edition, Updates, and Other Information Across the Lineup

The 500-unit limited-run A91-MT special edition features Cognac leather-trimmed seats, a GR logoed Alcantara shift button, and a premium 12-speaker JBL sound system. The exterior features a red Supra Badge and GR Supra emblazoned calipers. This accentuates the extreme, condensed design. The Supra will be available in Matte White or CU Later Gray and is equipped with unique forged 19-inch Frozen Gunmetal Gray tires. Red strut tower braces are added to the Supra’s bold exterior.

Toyota GR Supra Adds Manual Transmission and Enhanced Drive Dynamics for 2023

Retuned suspensions with re-tuned dampers will be available on all 2023 GR Supra 3.0 models (AT and MT). This will improve ride comfort and roll balance. Re-tuned have been the operating parameters and mechanical components of the electric power steering. All 3.0 models will include an active rear sport differential standard.

New 19-inch forged aluminum wheels will be fitted to the 3.0 MT. They will also be available in standard and premium colors, as well as Stratosphere Blue. The standard feature of the 3.0 MT is heated black leather-trimmed interior seats. The 3.0 Premium includes everything that you will find on the 3.0. It also features a red and black leather-trimmed inside, full-color heads-up display, and an acoustically tuned 12-speaker JBL sound system. Qi Wireless charger standard.

Supra Connect 1 is also offered. This suite of advanced technology features is designed to maximize your GR Supra 2.0 or 3.0 with Safety & Technology Package, 3.0 Premium, and A91-MT edition. It includes features such as Automatic Emergency Call, Real-Time Traffic Information, Roadside Assistance, and Supra Connect iPhone(r). The Supra Connect iPhone(r app) can lock/unlock doors and activate Ventilation Timer and Ventilation Now features.

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