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The 2022 Red Dot Award Is Won by Floeting Diamond for Outstanding Product Design.

The dazzling diamond Floating by VG Jewelers continues receiving praises for its innovative design. It was awarded the 2022 Red Dot Design Award in Essen, Germany.

VG Jewelers launched the Floeting Diamond in 2021 as a revolutionary innovation in the solitaire diamond setting. The Floeting design removes the traditional claws, clasps, and prongs that are used to hold diamonds in their settings. Prongs can block light reflection and sparkle from the diamond and obscure the beauty of the gemstone.

The 2022 Red Dot Award Is Won by Floeting Diamond for Outstanding Product Design.

The Red Dot Awards are one of the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. Each year, over 18,000 designers, companies and organizations come from more than 60 different countries to compete in the Red Dot Awards. Red Dot 2022 was composed of 50 international designers, journalists and design professors from 23 countries.

Red Dot judges stated that “Less than is more” – this applies fully to The Floeting Diamond jewelry series. Floeting won for its launch collection, which included a pendant necklace, solitaire rings, and diamond studs. The Red Dot jury praised Floeting’s minimalist perfection and wrote that it fulfilled “Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s dictum that perfection is achieved when there is nothing to take away.”

The jury commented that “the focus is on sparkling, brilliant diamonds, set so that the whole attention is drawn towards the brilliance and beauty of the gemstones.” The bezel, which is almost invisible, is extraordinary for many reasons. The bezel is made from a special space-age of titanium, which is combined with high-quality platinum and gold. It provides a long and secure hold for cut diamonds. Ian Douglas, Wellington’s master jeweler, was responsible for the development of Floeting. He led a team that included a select international group of diamond cutters and laser engineers, scientists, and laboratory technicians.

The 2022 Red Dot Award Is Won by Floeting Diamond for Outstanding Product Design.

Ian Douglas says, “It’s amazing to have Floeting out there in the world after thinking it for a decade. Then another decade of meticulously developed behind closed doors.” The Red Dot Design Award is an international competition of exceptional quality that brings a big smile to our team.

Red Dot Product Design Awards are given based on aesthetics, functionality, quality, durability, usability, and symbolic and emotional content. The KiaEV6 was also awarded in 2022, along with the European Car of the Year award 2022, for its product design. Other awards were given to products by leading brands such as Sony, LG and Epson, Knoll and Kartel, Peugeot and Honda.

Red Dot 2022’s Best of the Best will take place in Essen in June. However, Ian Douglas states that the Floeting team will travel to Las Vegas for the annual JCK Show. This is the largest annual event in the jewelry industry in the USA and attracts 30,000 professionals.

The 2022 Red Dot Award Is Won by Floeting Diamond for Outstanding Product Design.

Ian Douglas said that there was high anticipation among their team for the chance to demonstrate the mesmerizing light return potential and the game-changing innovation in solitaire diamond settings.

Ian Douglas says that the Floeting diamond is a significant step in Aotearoa New Zeland’s reputation for precision engineering, design and manufacturing. “This innovation is unprecedented in physics and has never seen a diamond with such clarity.” This is a feat of perseverance, ambition and global collaboration for us.

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