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Succession Season 4: 7 Shocking Plot Twists You Won’t Believe!

Honey, if you thought the world of fashion was cutthroat, it has got nothing on the world of HBO’s Succession Season 4. Three seasons deep into this sizzling drama, we’ve seen power plays, backstabbing galore, and jaw-dropping shake ups among the filthy-rich Roy family. Now, with season 4 furiously knocking on our doors, we have been promised the final clash of corporate titans. But, can anything really prepare us for what’s to come?

Is Season 4 of Succession the Finale?

Not to spread despair with your morning orange juice, darlings, but the end is near. Yes, HBO has confirmed that the drama that kept us at the edge of our seats will end with Season 4. Jesse Armstrong, the brilliant man behind this powerhouse of a drama, was coy in his chat with Variety about the show’s longevity. He teased, “All I know is there’s a promise in the Succession title, and it can’t go on forever.”

Shocking Plot Twist 1: Unraveling Loyalties

Remember Tom’s betrayal in the Season 3 finale? Wasn’t that a kick in the shins? Our favorite underdog turned on his wife Shiv, throwing her under the proverbial bus, alongside Kendall and Roman. What a way to shake up the power dynamics, darlings! With such a scandalous plot twist, even the best of fashionistas would have had a hard time keeping their Louboutin heels steady. Brace yourselves for the ripple effects that will undoubtedly destroy many a Loro Piana Power suit as we wade into Succession Season 4.


Shocking Plot Twist 2: Unexpected Alliance

Isn’t it just like fashion to keep you guessing, waiting for that unexpected element that changes everything? Well, so does the plot of our beloved successor drama. Expect some unexpected alliances in the corporate jungle this season. And just like a rogue Boot Barn cowboy boot amidst a sea of polished Louis Vuittons, these alliances will leave you goggle-eyed.

Season 4 Details: How Many Episodes Will Succession Season 4 Have?

The number of episodes in a season of Succession mirrors the scarcity of genuine Hermès Birkin bags at high-street boutiques– limited. Stick to your viewing schedule with ten delicious episodes in this upcoming season. A delectable, bite-sized amount, much like the first and second seasons, which had us binging faster than the best laptop in The world could update our Netflix queue.

Shocking Plot Twist 3: The Fall of a Giant

It is said that the world of high fashion never waits for anyone. This seems equally true in the ruthless world of the Roy dynasty. Just when you think you have your foot firmly planted in the galactic Gucci Galaxy, something knocks you right off your pedestal. So, who will tumble from their throne this season? Surely, not everyone can hold on to their spot in the corporate sun.

Shocking Plot Twist 4: The Rise of the Underdog

Every fashion season brings with it a new, breakout designer making waves. And so does Succession, with its penchant to disrupt the existing corporate monarchy. Can we expect an unlikely figure to rise within the ranks of Waystar Royco this season, leaving us all awestruck? Will we have our very own Frankie ’ s Bikinis moment on Succession?


Season’s Anticipation: When Can I Expect Season 4 of Succession?

Mark March 26, 2023, on your calendars, folks. In the same time slot that we have come to associate with our weekly dose of the high-stakes power drama, Succession Season 4 will premiere at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Can’t get enough of the Roy family’s antics? You can stream the first three seasons on HBO Max. Fill your free time leading up to the latest season with the kind of drama usually only reserved for the front row of a Paris Fashion Week show!

Shocking Plot Twist 5: Cutting Ties

The Devon Aoki coup at Versace seemed easier than the predicaments the Roy family members land themselves in. If your heart wasn’t already racing thinking about the high-stakes drama that awaits us, then hold onto your exclusive beanies tight as we anticipate more shocking ties being severed in Succession Season 4.

Intriguing Query: Why Did Shiv Vote Against Kendall?

Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” We say, “A woman who votes against her brother on national television is about to light up a storm.” Turning her back on their erstwhile alliance, Shiv’s startling decision during the Season 3 finale left everyone flabbergasted, even more so than if Yellowjackets Season 2 announced a vegan foray. As we step into Season 4, we are left wondering – what ripple effects will this decision have on the Roy family dynamics?

Shocking Plot Twist 6: Power Shifts

Just as the whirlwind world of fashion evolves with every passing season, so too does the corporate labyrinth of Succession. The chessboard appears to be set for dramatic power shifts in this final season of Succession. But then again darlings, isn’t change the only constant?


Shocking Plot Twist 7: The Unforeseen Revelation

The devil indeed lies in the details, my dear fashionistas. Get your reading glasses ready for a careful dissection of this upcoming season. Look out for unforeseen revelations that will leave your mind spinning faster than the rotors on the Roys’ private helicopter.

Finale Fervor: End of the Roy Family Feud

As we step gingerly into the final season of Succession, it’s a bittersweet feeling. The end of an era of high-stakes corporate family drama awaits us, and you can bet it’s going to be as thrilling as the finale of an Alexander McQueen show. Season 4 promises a send-off befitting the riveting journey of the Roy family. And honey, we are here for it, with bated breath. But then again, isn’t that just de rigueur in the world of high stakes drama and high fashion?

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