Florida man sees Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times to break Guinness World Record.

If you see a headline that begins with “Florida Man”, you can expect wild sentences. This story isn’t about bath salts, or using an alligator to fight, but it is crazy. Ramiro Alanis, a super fanboy of MCU, has broken the Guinness World Record for the most in-theater viewings one film has received by seeing Spider-Man No Way Home 292 times.

Since the premiere of the movie on December 16, Alanis was on the move. It took four months to complete the record, which required him to watch up five screenings each day. The theatre had to issue a written confirmation and a ticket stub. This record-breaking 292 times brought in $3,400 worth of tickets. This is not the first time he has done this record.

The previous record was set by Alanis in 2019, when he watched Avengers: Endgame 191 consecutive times. Arnaud Klein viewed the French fantasy series “Kaamelott: The First Chapter” 221 times in 2021. He was very proud of his grandma and a reason why he wanted to reclaim the throne. He lost his grandma in 2019, before setting the Endgame records, so he dedicates this win to her.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is undoubtedly the most successful film during the pandemic. It grossed 1.89 billion dollars, and topped Avatar at domestic box office. It was only outclassed only by Endgame (Star Wars: Episode VII : The Force Awakens) and Endgame .

Alanis’ challenges were not only a matter of watching a film over and again, but also the rules that govern the recording. Alanis was forbidden from using the bathroom or doing anything else after the credits had ended. He was disqualified after he took eleven bathroom breaks while he was viewing EndgameEndgame runs for three hours and two more minutes, while No Way Home takes two hours and twenty eight minutes. Alanis stated in a statement, that although it was easier to keep the film in between screenings, it was still difficult.

Another problem is the long-term viewing of movies. Evening viewings were difficult and caused headaches. Alanis claimed that he had memorized the entire script by the end.

Although no information is available on the next record, it is believed that he would defend his crown in case it was broken. Florida news is being followed closely by Dr. This May, Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres.

This song is on the band’s best-known and most critically acclaimed album, “Nevermind”. It had 72,000 streams before the movie was released. The MRC reported that it rose to 1.2 Million streams in March.

It is a strong cut of Nevermind. This is interesting considering its prominent use in the film. It is a very dark story about homelessness. This contrasts with Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne who is one of Gotham’s most elite social figures. This song could offer a glimpse into Wayne’s mind, as it represents his Batman persona more while he searches the streets for criminals.

Pattinson’s Batman is only his second year as Dark Knight. It is clear that he is still not quite experienced as the World’s Greatest Detective. His ability to portray Bruce Wayne confidently is a crucial part of Batman’s role. Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t have these skills yet, but he makes an effort later in the movie. Empire was told by Reeves that the song had an effect on his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

“…It occurred to me that rather than making Bruce Wayne the playboy version, I should make another version of Bruce Wayne who has gone through great tragedy and became a recluse. This is how I began to make the connection with Gus Van Sant’s Last Days and the idea that Kurt Cobain’s fictionalized version was in such a state of decay.

“Something in the Way”, a surprise choice for the film’s high-profile, is not considered to be a standout track on the album. The hidden song (Endless Nameless) is not counted and it is considered the last song on the album. It may be that it excludes hidden songs, which could be a metaphor for the Riddler who provides clues throughout the film to his next victim.

It seems that the film is perfectly in line with Reeves’ Batman directorial debut.