How Successful Will Baz Luhrmann Be With This Ambitious Biopic?

Baz Luhrmann is the best. His visual style is undeniably impressive and flashy. His films often lack in certain areas. His next movie, “Elvis,” has the potential to surpass him. We’ll find out when it hits theaters in June.

Austin Butler will play the role of the King Of Rock, while Tom Hanks will play Colonel Tom Parker. Dacre Montgomery and Olivia DeJonge will also appear in the film.

This is Luhrmann’s first film in nine-years. This is his first film since 2013’s “The Great Gatsby.” Luhrmann, Sam Bromwell, and Craig Pearce wrote the script.

The film’s first trailer was released in February. There’s not much else to learn about it. The film is typical of Luhrmann’s extravagant and grandiose style. It will be shown at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, May.

Austin Butler is as convincing as Elvis can look. Many people have commented that Austin Butler may not be a good enough actor to portray Elvis. However, Butler is able to imitate Elvis’ voice and movements much better than anyone could have imagined. As he performs alongside Tom Hanks, his gravity seems to be working for him.

Butler even took vocal coaching classes for the role. This was a huge role that Butler had been working towards for over a year. According to Butler, he sings the original song in the movie.

“When I started the process, my goal was to have my voice be identical. This instills fear. That lit the fire,” Butler stated.

The story can be divided into three parts: Elvis as an infant, where he draws most of his inspiration from black Gospel, Elvis’ career beginnings, and the final days before his death. To be more like the iconic singer, Butler’s singing is later incorporated into Elvis’ recording.

Butler continued, describing the hours spent studying The King’s voice and how he watched it as closely as he could.

It is clear that this movie is highly anticipated. This biopic is the first major motion picture biography about the singer. There have been very few movies about Elvis, despite him being so iconic. Kurt Russell played him. He was also featured in a TV movie directed by John Carpenter. “Elvis & Nixon” (2016) features Michael Shannon as his character. Jonathan Rhys Meyers won a Golden Globe in 2005 for Best Actor, Miniseries or Television Film for his portrayal of Mr. Presley.