GRWM: 10 Easy Steps to Achieve Insane Morning Routine Success!

1. Lighting the Path: A Look Back at GRWM History

Once upon a social media time, around the 2010s, an acronym emerged that has been the backbone of many fashion-forward influencers and YouTubers: GRWM. Ever seen a video diary on Instagram or YouTube showcasing someone’s daily routine? Makeup, breakfast, wardrobe choices – the works? Well, honey, that’s a GRWM. Standing for “Get Ready With Me,” this cultural phenomenon has captivated audiences and tastemakers alike with its peek into the mundanely fabulous routines of every day style mavericks.

2. The GRWM Phenomenon: Why We’re Hooked

The magic of GRWM lies in its simplicity. These are informal, repetitive clips that serve us major accessibility. Who doesn’t love a good sneak peek into someone else’s routine? When a GRWM pops up on your feed, you know exactly what’s coming – and quite frankly darling, we’re here for it! Like unwrapping a Gucci sock straight from the luxury department of great collections, the unassuming allure of these posts grips our fashion-forward tribes.


3. Rolling with the Trend: GRWM Statistics

Now don’t assume for a second that GRWM is just for millennials or Gen-Z. This fashion fad cuts across various demographics, with men and women, green-behind-the-ears and silver-haired alike using the trend to share pieces of their life. The more the merrier, we say! It’s no wonder GRWM has become as celebrated in our culture as the iconic comeback of white crocs (and that’s saying something).

4. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: GRWM Trivia

The phenomenal rise of GRWM goes beyond the numbers; the trend has its own fascinating trivia. Did you know the trend expands beyond beauty routines to include work routines, school days and casual hangouts with friends? From campy definition style videos the likes of cartoon flower tutorials to emo style makeup routines, GRWM content takes up a significant part of the media landscape.

5. The GRWM Hook: Trends Within Trends

If there’s one thing we know about trends it’s that they are much like the fashion mogul Paolo Gucci himself, ever-evolving and never dull. With GRWM, trends within the trend have emerged. From christina piercings, lower back tattoos and underrated space buns, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

6. Chic Chit-Chat: Making the Most of Your GRWM

In the battle of boujee vs bougie, never underestimate the power of good chat. The primary purpose of GRWM is to entertain and connect. Interactions are key, darling. Engage with your audience, share tidbits about your outfits, reply to comments, and even spill some tea about the cast of Castle.


7. Flaunting Fashion: The GRWM Wardrobe

GRWM isn’t just about your skincare or makeup routine; it’s about that cinq à sept number you’ve been dying to strut too. Showcase the clothes you intend to wear, why you chose them, and how you put the outfit together. A dramatic winged eyeliner or a daring emo style look, the world is your runway. No one knows that better than us at Paradox Magazine.

8. The Tell-All Makeup Routine: Your GRWM Cosmetics

Let’s cut to the chase, the cosmetic steps of your GRWM are absolutely not the place for a nonono moment. Details! We need them, and honey, so do your audience. You want to go for a dramatic winged eyeliner? Show the tutorial. You decided to rock the subtle underrated space bun hairstyle? Provide a step-by-step. With GRWM, informative is the operative word.

9. Mirror, Mirror: Your GRWM Reflection

Lastly, the most critical component of your GRWM video—reflect on the day. As you erase your makeup, share how the day transpired, if your white crocs indeed made heads turn, or if your winged eyeliner stayed on despite the day’s hustle. This rounds up the GRWM experience and makes it a lot more engaging for your faithful audience.


10. One More Thing: The (Much Awaited) Conclusion

Putting together a GRWM video is almost as mouth-watering as pairing squid lips with jorts (and that’s a sight for sore eyes)! The blend of vanity and humility, coupled with the undertone of creativity, makes up the perfect GRWM body suit.

To all our fashion-conscious readers out there, it’s time to hop on this trend wagon and make the most of your daily routines. So next time you’re slipping on those Gucci socks or deciding between a cinq à sept or a Rouje ensemble, remember to turn on that camera.

Who knows, you might just find yourself the next GRWM sensation. Anything is possible when you embark on the buoyant boat that is digital fashion. Until then, stay fashionable, stay fabulous. Here’s to the beauty of getting ready together.

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