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Future and Drake Wear Medieval Armor for “Wait For You.”

Future and Drake are passionate about making music together and filming music videos where they can dress up. His second single, “I Never Liked You”, was released in May. A music video premiered two days later.

The Director X-helmed music clip is the second collaboration of the three stars in their respective fields. Director X or Julien Christian Lutz filmed the “Life is Good” video from Future’s album “High Off Life”. Lutz and Drake have collaborated on many music videos, including the highly-respected “Hotline Bling” video.

Lutz is a natural performer and has a knack for getting great performances from his subjects. Future and Drake played many different roles in Life is Good: they were chefs, technicians, engineers, garbage men, and IT workers.

“Wait For U,” is more of the same but set in medieval times. It is similar to a Princess Bride storybook, beginning with the narrator calling it “The Tale of the Toxic Prince,” which is part of Future’s brand (for one reason).

Future portrays a king who gets caught with his concubines. Moxie Raia plays a knight who alerts the queen. The queen writes to the king, “I find it funny” that he is dishonorable. The king sends a message via courier Drake to the queen, while Drake challenges the knight in a duel to the death. The queen reads the message, “I am goodeth loved,” after the knight has been killed. Enjoyeth” is a play on the famous text exchange that he had with a woman he didn’t want to see anymore.

If you don’t take it too seriously, the video is quite enjoyable. Future and Drake look out of place in chainmail armor. Drake is even more out of place with his diamond earrings and cornrows.

Their video and song are not as fun as their previous collaboration Life is Good. They were able to take on different roles, and eat the scenery while they hopped between distinct professions. This allowed them to perform a skit halfway through the video. Although the song isn’t as catchy, it has a strong vocal hook by Tems (a Nigerian singer and R&B artist).

Although Future, Drake and Lutz could all do better together than they did individually, Wait for U isn’t a waste of time. However, you wish they had used this humorous premise to create a better song. They will likely work together again on another project, considering how close they are to hip-hop artists.

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