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Full House House: The Story Behind the Iconic Facade

Sometimes, a house is just a house. And sometimes, it becomes a part of collective history, symbolising a chunk of our pop-culture past that none can erase. Case in point: The Full House House. Compared to the Vogue September issue, this one holds no weight in the world of style gurus, but honey, this piece of real estate ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being an emblematic fixture in TV history. Let’s go down memory lane and uncover this surprisingly fashionable phenomenon.

Unveiling the Mystery: Full House House

Ah, Full House. Who among us hasn’t chuckled at Uncle Jesse’s antics or rolled our eyes at the tormentingly spotless existence of Danny Tanner? The San Francisco home, seemingly nestled among the iconic Painted Ladies, was ever at the heart of the popular sitcom. Unbeknownst to most, it’s actually located at 1709 Broadrick Street, proving that reality can, indeed, be stranger than fiction. The house that was their home wasn’t just a filming location but a beam of California sunshine that gave charm to the TV series. As they say, there’s no place quite like home especially when it’s immortalized on national television.

Facilities: More Than What Meets the Eye

Curled up in your favorite chair with the best sound bar in the business, you might think you’ve seen the Full House House in all its glory. But dearies, the actual facade of this iconic house is a spectacle in its own right. A charming three-story Victorian building with its classic Bay-window structure: it’s an architectural marvel that gleams with a sophisticated allure paralleled only by Rainey Qualley grace. Its elegant aesthetics, bright door, and distinctive gingerbread trim elevate it from being another house in San Francisco to an iconic TV facade.

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Subject Matter Details
TV Show Address It’s referred to as 1822 Gerard in the series
Real House Address It’s actually at 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
Distance from Iconic Location About a mile from the Painted Ladies, a popular tourist location
Filming Location for Interiors Interiors were shot on set at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, not inside the real house
Detailed Interior Appearance The real home’s interior never saw Full House’s iconic props such as Danny’s dustpan or Uncle Jesse’s Elvis memorabilia
The ‘Truth’ about Filming While the show appeared to be based in San Francisco, most of the series was actually filmed in LA
Current Information (as of 2020) The famous ‘Full House’ home was put up for sale for $5.5 million
Ownership Still a private residence; not open for public tours inside

Behind the Scenes at the Full House House

Despite presenting San Francisco as the home town, our dearest Full House was shot far away in LA, at Warner Bros. Studios. Like a high-street Charlotte Casiraghi dress masquerading as couture, exterior shots of the house were slyly spliced with set scenes to create the illusion of a united space. The laughter that resonated within the sitcom surely didn’t echo through the house since the actual interior was never used. I guess you could say: “Honey, this house had more facelifts than Candice Bergen!”

Then and Now: Evolution of the Full House House

Since hitting the market back in 2020 at a heart-stopping price of $5.5 million, the Full House House has seen its share of chipper tourists sporting 80s hair and neon attires, reminiscent of Deej’s prom dress. Over the years, the house’s vibrancy has been dialled up and down, but the luscious white facade remained constant. Like a classic Chanel outfit, the Full House House remains timeless, even as public perception shifts and evolves.

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In the Real World: The Full House House Experience

Visiting the Full House House is a dream for die-hard fans. Yet, like finding that perfect little black dress on sale, the thrill resides in the hunt rather than the catch. The house stands there, basking in the afternoon sun, oblivious of the fame it basks in. But alas! The tourists’ joy of their quest is often short-lived, for entering the house is like discovering how Aaliyah met her untimely demise – a sad and tangible letdown. But isn’t that what the magic of television is all about – selling the fantasy, sugarcoating reality?

Beyond Full House: The House in Modern Times

Post Full House and the sneaky Netflix follow-up Fuller House, the house stands tall and proud. It has been used in many other shows, securing its place as a harbinger of nostalgia in media. Snapping a photo in front of the Full House House has become a pop culture rite of passage of sorts, akin to reading your first Vogue. So darlings, despite its private status, this house still welcomes visitors, albeit from its stoic facia.

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The Full House House: Immortalizing a Television Legacy

Despite the shifting sands of the entertainment world, the Full House House has managed to retain its appeal. Iconic and immovable, it symbolizes a golden era of sitcoms that enthralled hearts globally. With a legacy that rivals classic fashion houses, this domicile has encapsulated the essence of timeless pop culture. And unlike the constant revolution of the fashion industry, this house has solidified its place in time, a reminder of pastel humor and familial love, etched in our hearts and minds—then, now, forever.

Darlings, that is the Full House House for you- a snippet of pop culture, a stronghold of memories, and a piece of real estate that’s a whole lot more than just brick and mortar.

Where is the house in the Full House?

Well, folks, the legendary house from ‘Full House’ can be found at 1709 Broderick Street in dear old San Francisco, California.

Can you visit the house from Full House?

You sure can swing by the Full House digs, but remember, it’s a real place where folks live so be sure to respect their privacy.

Is the set of Full House a real house?

Yes, the Full House set is based on a real house but alas, the inside was just a television set based in Burbank, California.

How much would the Full House house cost today?

With the property market being a wild ride these days, the Full House house was last sold for an estimated $5 million! So, I reckon, a hefty chunk of change would be needed to snag that property today.

What neighborhood was Full House filmed in?

The Full House set was situated in the sunny neighborhood of Pacific Heights in San Francisco, California, my friends.

Where is Joey’s room Full House?

Believe it or not, Joey’s hidden room was behind the stairs in the living room, making perfect sense in sitcom land, right?

Was there a real audience in Full House?

Lo and behold, there was indeed a real audience at the tapings of Full House. Nothing like a good laugh track, huh?

Who owns the Full House house?

Currently, the actual brick-and-mortar Full House residence is owned by the show’s creator himself, Jeff Franklin. Talk about keeping it in the family!

Is there a park in front of the Full House House?

Indeed, there is a park across the street from the house, specifically it overlooks the lovely Alamo Square Park.

Are the painted ladies in Full House?

Surprisingly, the Painted Ladies, iconic as they are, aren’t the Full House house. They were used in the intro, though!

Did they rebuild the Full House set?

Yup, they rebuilt the Full House set for the reboot, Fuller House. Once more with feeling, eh?

Why did they pick the house for Full House?

The creators picked this house mainly due to its iconic architecture and its proximity to Alamo Square which aids in establishing the San Francisco setting.

Why did Full House get canceled?

Sadly mates, Full House was cancelled primarily due to increasing production costs.

How much did Jodie Sweetin make on Full House?

Jodie Sweetin, our beloved Stephanie, made approximately $600,000 from Full House. Hey, not too shabby, right?

How much does the Full House cast make in royalties?

As for cast royalties, it varies, but the primary cast members likely see a few thousand dollars per year each. Every little helps.

Is the house from Full House one of the Painted Ladies?

Contrary to popular belief, the Full House house is not one of the famed Painted Ladies.

Can you visit the Charmed house in San Francisco?

Is the Charmed house on your bucket list? Good news, you can visit it at 1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles.

How much do the Painted Ladies houses cost?

Lastly, the Painted Ladies, those charming row houses, come at a steep price, often selling for $2-$3 million each. Property ain’t what it used to be!

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