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Fashion is the Armor to Survive the Reality

of everyday life.

Clothes without accessories

is like sex without orgasm.

Napoleon Movie

Joaquin Phoenix Takes the Crown

Paradox Story

Paradox is contradiction. It is anomaly. It is enigma. It invokes wonder. It turns heads. It keeps life in check and flips it upside down. If you’re still questioning what Paradox is, it’s okay. We don’t expect you to understand.

The paradox is your Distinguished Luxury Lifestyle Magazine that covers everything at its apex. We detail the phenomena sweeping the globe and the people who make an impact on our culture. We capture the views and ventures you’ve only dreamt of seeing or doing. Whether it’s the designs on the runways, the billion-dollar movies on the screens, or the Michelin-star restaurants you can’t get a reservation at, we’re there.

Since our inception, we’ve always wanted to give people a taste of luxury. We know what it feels like to live outside the bubble and endure a less-than-ideal lifestyle. When we got a sneak peek, we couldn’t let it go. Our purpose is to share our experiences in the limelight.

Strength lies in differences,

not in similarities. Stephen R. Covey

Paradox Magazine Cover Mockup July-22


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