What’s on the Horizon for Spring 2022

Fashion-forward has always been a compliment but this spring, menswear is going full retro with varsity jackets, cardigans, and flared trousers

Fashion Trends

Menswear is

going full Retro

Looking towards fashion’s next season, shapes and textures are king. Relive your high school mornings with an elevated varsity jacket and relaxed jeans. Long knitted or cotton cardigans are paired with baggy pants and sneakers for a chilly afternoon. At the end of the day, get your groove thing on while sporting a button-up shirt with a strong, pointy collar. Don’t forget the corduroy flared pants and Cuban links.

Everyone knows that fashion trends come and go in cycles. For the past five or six years, retro looks have taken the world by storm. Long past is the era of form-fitting everything. Rather, youth and veteran stylists are bringing back trends that worked back then. If you want any proof, a good example are these Showtime Era Lakers warmup sweats that the Lakers are wearing this season.
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If that’s not really your style, then consider the season. Wearing light, oversized shirts are also in the spring forecast. If you’ve been working on your summer body, then consider a sleeveless top to showcase those arms. Your bottoms matter too, as Bermuda shorts are back in style as well. Baggy pants and baggy shorts are back in like it’s the mid-2000s. 

As for footwear, the beach trend continues. It always matters what sneakers you’re rocking but now you have to bring your A-game with some stylish sandals. Leave mules and slippers behind in 2020, please.

Colors are always a part of style and some of this season’s colors are pastel or cameo greens. Nothing screams confidence like rocking some vibrant pink colors too. If those aren’t really your style, try combining the two (plus some other colors) for a psychedelic rock look. The more neon hues you incorporate into your fit, the better.

Baggy Shorts
While it sounds like Back to the Future, rocking these looks will put you firmly in the present. Use any excuse to get a little dressed up this spring. Since most of us have been wearing an excessive amount of sweatpants this year, it’s time to get some new clothes and step out. With some of these pieces, you’ll have a dignified and stylish for every occasion. For an expert opinion in menswear, Paradox has got you covered.

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