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What Platform Rules Them All

With Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter all moving towards being the superior social platform, what sets them apart?

Social Media Keep Our Eyes Occupied

Social Platform

keep Eyes occupied

Every app is trying to implement new features that try to cannibalize the other apps. That’s partly why every app had a Stories feature for a while (remember Snapchat). Twitter is fully embracing the crypto audience and also killed off Clubhouse with their Spaces feature. Instagram places its shopping tab right in the middle to encourage shopaholics to stay on their app. It’s all a competition and they’ll constantly try to innovate. 

Nowadays, we have tons of different apps and media that keep our eyes occupied. Some people can be one app for hours on end. That is ultimately the goal of the app. Keeping you on that specific platform because the longer you stay, the more ad revenue and the more opportunity for money they get. In 2021, TikTok had 656 million global downloads, even more than Instagram and Facebook. With 6% of that 656 million people reportedly spending 10 or more hours a week on the app, they are doing something right.

Social Media Keep Our Eyes Occupied

As developers and tech giants continue to raise the standards in terms of what keeps you on your phone, determine what app is good for. Short-form videos are popular because of Vine (RIP) and have been revived through its spiritual successor TikTok.

With TikTok’s widespread success, other platforms have made their way into that space. Instagram has Reels and Youtube has Shorts, which creators essentially just copy and paste from their TikToks to minimize their workload and increase streams of views (and ultimately, revenue).

While every platform has a chat or direct messaging feature, not all are created equal. Even though Facebook’s downloads are still going strong, they changed their chat to be a separate app called Messenger, which seems redundant. Instagram’s (who is owned by Facebook) chat is still on the same app and allows for more sharing and media options. Having your features streamlined and simple makes for a better customer experience.

What it boils down to is what you really value in your entertainment. If you’re mostly a reader or like to keep up with news, Twitter and Reddit seem like the best options for you. If you like to argue in the comments with people around the world, check out Instagram and Facebook. There is something for everyone. With everything vying for your time and attention nowadays, it is best to go with the app that entertains you the most and where you get the most meaningful social interactions.

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