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Sleek Purses, Bigger Totes Dominating Accessory Space

Can’t get enough from your outfits? It’s time to step up your style with some over-the-shoulder storage.

Bum Bag

Maximal Design

Vibrant Colors.

Years ago, you couldn’t spot a man with a bag that wasn’t carry out. Recently, bum bags and crossbodies were popping up left and right in the streetwear scene. Men became more confident as they decided that keeping 7 different things in their jeans was not the move. As for women, no major drastic changes in bag styles are predicted. Instead, going for a toned-down design with a nice shape will accentuate the rest of your outfit. Women can also go the other direction as early-2000s looks are also pouring in, allowing for maximal design and vibrant colors. 

In essence, men have historically always preferred function over style. Introducing the bum bag–which, let’s face it, is a glorified fanny pack–has done wonders in terms of purposeful storage and shedding some of the toxic masculinity of owning something slightly resembling a purse. But honestly, who cares. It’s 2022 and people are going even bigger and more spacious. Consider these higher-end tote bags designed for men, which vary in all kinds of designs and dimensions. 

Of course, ladies are a million years ahead of men in terms of the handbag game. They are much more of an accessory to them than they are to us. Ranging from dozens of different styles and silhouettes, anywhere on the spectrum of design makes for a great purse. Nylon has a great list that displays every exceptional option. From the simple and impactful Mini Moon Bag from Staud to the signature Coach Jacquard Shoulder Bag, there are plenty of ways to choose which direction you want to get to.

It depends on how much of a statement you want to make as it is your largest and most defining accessory. It has much to do with your outfit and what complements it most.

If you are sporting a statement dress, then consider a purse that either fits your overall look.

Crossbodies Bag

If you don’t have one, then go with a simple black clutch or something that won’t distract eyes from your outfit. True outfit synergy is important as having an overall top-to-bottom look goes farther nowadays.

All in all, men have room to grow with their handbag preferences. There’s a lot of room for improvement (and we are nowhere near close to the plethora of purse designs) but getting larger, more expressive, and having more choices is always a great sign in moving the fashion trend forward.

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