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Kanye West’s Continued Downward Spiral (For Real This Time)

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, releases Donda 2 and premieres his trilogy documentary on Netflix.

Kanye West Donda-2 Press Image

Eleventh Studio

Album Donda 2

Kanye West is always in the news and never for the right reason. His eleventh studio album, Donda 2 was released in February 2021. He also has a documentary trilogy called jeen-yuss on Netflix. He has also been in the news because of his nasty split with Kim Kardashian. 

Donda 2 dropped exclusively on a music device called a Stem Player. He cited that none of the albums will be released through streaming services. Instead, you can purchase a StemPlayer, which costs $200. West is also known for releasing his albums and fixing something else later on. The first version of the album is considered a little lackluster, compared to the rest of his work.

West is also in the news following the dispute between him and his ex-wife. After splitting, Kardashian has reportedly been dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson. After finding out about them being together, West made several attempts to get fans to run up to him and harass him. He has even made a claymation-style video for one of the singles off Donda 2 that illustrates West burying Davidson alive. 

Kanye West Donda 2

It is widely known that West has been a musician that tends to be in the news whenever an album or project is close to releasing. Some have even speculated that causing controversy is part of the album rollout. This, however, seems like a much more personal matter that transcends album sales and Billboard rankings. 

Kanye West Donda-2 Image

West has also been airing out all of his business on social media. The most recent development was Davidson’s attempt to reach out to West, trying to get him to calm down on his online presence and having them meet in private. West posted the text conversation online (now deleted) and kept on telling Davidson to attend his West’s Sunday Service. Davidson even tried to take the higher route by asking his Saturday Night Live writers to abstain from making material about the rapper. 

Davidson has also pleaded with West to stop talking about Kardashian and seek mental health help. Not much else needs to be said about this situation until more of the story develops. 

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